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Bipolar Disorder: Treatment & Symptoms

Bipolar Disorder: Treatment & Symptoms

Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness causing mood swings in a person. The person experiences mood fluctuation periodically with both high and low levels of emotion. A person can suddenly become sad and can suddenly turn out to be happy. This disorder can have an adverse impact on a person’s relationship and career.

Everyone experiences mood swings but it is only when these moods become extreme and interfere with one’s life then we need to worry and seek psychiatric treatment immediately. When both moods in bipolar disorder occur at the same time it becomes difficult to manage the person. Sometimes people with Bipolar disorder can become extremely violent and have to be forcibly admitted into psychiatric care.

Sometimes coping with the pain becomes very hard for the patient to survive so sometimes he/she turns violent or goes into depression. The person suffering from Bipolar Disorder will have low self – esteem, it is quite normal for a person to have low-self esteem but people suffering from Bipolar Disorder have it due to their illness.

Treatments for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar requires long term treatment even after getting recovered. Treatment is mixture of medication and therapy which is often provided in a rehabilitation centre. There are also treatments available for Bipolar Disorder without having medication.

Psychotherapy: This treatment usedto treat bipolar disorder without drugs, but sometimes it won’t if you are taking medication to stabilize moods.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: This therapeutic process removes the negative thoughts and beliefs then replace them with positive and good ones then help the patient lead a normal life.

Talking Therapy:This process involves providing help to the person deal with depressive manic episode through close interaction with the therapist.

Family Therapy: This is type of therapy, which gives help the patient to deal with disorder with the help family members.

Treatment with Medications: Patients suffering Bipolar disorder can be cured using medicines which are most often prescribed along with other therapy and treatment.

Lifestyle Changes – The patient is advised to have lifestyle changes with strict schedules which often involve exercise and diet control to gain control over the disorder.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

The symptoms of Bipolar disorder involves occurrence of both manic and depressive episodes over a period of time which involves occurrence of both sad and happy phases of emotions. They are:

  • Extreme Sadness
  • Lack of Interest in daily activities
  • Lack of proper co-ordination
  • Occurrence of manic episodes, ie depression and extreme happiness

If you or someone you know is struggling with mania or depressionimmediatelyseek the helpof professionals to get information about treatment options so that person can get back to a normal lifestyle.

Personalized medical help from qualified professionals can be found at Cadabam’s Hospitals. With the launch of our new Outpatient Department we are armed to deal with your ward’s immediate pressing issues or long term treatment sessions in the form of counselling, group therapy or individual treatment. Reach out to us today on +91 9741 476 476 or write to us @ info@cadabamshospitals.com for more help on dealing with your loved one’s bipolar disorder.


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