Enhanced Deaddiction Program

Substance Abuse is a disorder that afflicts a large number of people across the world. Within India itself, alcohol abuse affects over 5.7 crore people, and drug abuse affects over 2% of the country’s population. Though substance abuse can be battled and people can make an effective recovery, the key to this lies in accurate and early diagnosis of the disorder. Post diagnosis, the most crucial step is treatment, and our experience over 3 decades has shown that rehabilitation at a de-addiction centre is the most effective treatment option.

Cadabams offers a 90-day enhanced de-addiction program that is aimed at helping individuals recover from the various serious effects of substance abuse and make a successful return to society. Here, residents will have access to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, our unique recovery experience, our expert multidisciplinary team, and our vast experience in deaddiction. With Cadabams, you can achieve long-term and sustainable recovery from substance abuse!

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What is the enhanced deaddiction program at Cadabams?

Addiction to substances can develop unnoticed and go on to damage a person’s physical health, mental health, and relationships with the people they love. Substance abuse damages a person’s vital organs, with alcohol abuse, in particular, being a large contributor towards cardiac and liver issues in a large number of people. Further, consumption of narcotics and other psychoactive substances is shown to lead to several major psychiatric illnesses. Finally, individuals facing substance abuse have been shown to have strained relationships with their families, and financial issues as well. 

Enhanced Deaddiction is a 90-day program offered by Cadabams. We have spent over three decades in treating substance abuse and have helped countless people return to daily functioning and their families. Over the 90 day program, the individual will heal from the physical and psychological effects of substance use, develop coping skills to control the impulse to consume the substance, and rebuild their relationship with their family and loved ones. 

Our holistic approach and our biopsychosocial model of recovery ensure that the problem of substance abuse is addressed in its entirety, leading to recovery that is sustained over a longer period. This program is for individuals who have been diagnosed with alcohol or drug addiction, and are having issues in their physical health, personal and professional lives.

What does the program involve?

  • Detailed screening and profiling: Our expert professionals sit with you and your family and give you a comprehensive rundown of the disorder you are fighting. They screen you comprehensively and create a complete overview of your condition. Based on the results of the screening they prepare a personalized treatment plan for you that is tailor-made to meet your unique needs.

  • Detoxification under medical supervision: Detoxification is the process by which all traces of a harmful substance are removed from the body. Stopping the consumption of a substance can lead to significant physical effects that can be dangerous, called withdrawal symptoms. At Cadabams you undergo detoxification under the supervision of our multidisciplinary team who monitor any withdrawal symptoms that may appear.

  • Individual therapeutic programs: One-to-one sessions with our expert professionals are where individuals take a deep dive into the root causes of their substance abuse and recover holistically. The sessions include intensive individual counseling, coping skills training, cognitive behavior therapy, family and couple therapy, anger and stress management, cues management, and more.

  • Group therapeutic approaches: Group therapies have been shown to be very effective in helping individuals overcome a diverse range of mental health disorders. Through this, individuals are able to learn from other people’s experiences, rebuild their social skills, and learn how to work in a team environment. Group therapies at Cadabams include motivation enhancement therapy, relapse prevention, a 12-step program (AA), guided relaxation, meditation & imagery, therapeutic yoga, and more.

  • Relapse prevention and post-rehab care: At Cadabams our relationship with the resident extends beyond the framework of the rehabilitation centre. We take special care to keep a check on our residents even after they get discharged to monitor their recovery back home. With our post-rehab care options and access to our professionals, individuals have a support system that will help them sustain their recovery post-discharge and help prevent relapses as well.

How does this program ensure effective and sustainable recovery?

  • Comprehensive Recovery: The enhanced deaddiction program at Cadabams offers a comprehensive recovery experience that goes beyond basic symptomatic relief and addresses the root cause of substance abuse.

  • Biopsychosocial model: We offer a holistic approach through which we address the biological effects, psychological effects, and social impact of substance abuse. This translates into recovery that is sustainable over a longer period.

  • Multidisciplinary Team: Our multidisciplinary team consisting of consultant psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, family therapists, counselors, case managers, program managers, psychiatric nurses, and more ensures that all aspects of substance abuse are managed and your recovery is accelerated.

  • Cutting-edge infrastructure and home-like living spaces: The campus at our deaddiction centre is carefully designed to accelerate an individual's recovery and the living spaces are crafted with care to make a person feel at home. All of these combine with the treatment program to ensure that the individual is focused only on their recovery while at our centre.
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The Cadabam’s Treatment Experience - Biopsychosocial Model

Our centres where this program is offered

Types of Admissions

Regular Admission

As and when the family or the primary caregiver confirms the admission by following the processes related to “Admission Procedure”.

Referred Admissions

Many psychiatrists utilize our psychosocial rehab services for their clients. In cases where the resident is referred from a psychiatrist for psychosocial interventions, the referring psychiatrist also becomes part of the treating team and he/she will be regularly updated about the progress and will also be involved in the overall care. Hundreds of eminent psychiatrists trust us with their clientele when it comes to residential care & rehab.

Admission under Special Circumstances

We have a number of patrons from various countries and different parts of the country seeking admission. We also have mental health professionals across the country referring us to complex cases that require psychosocial intervention. Under special circumstances where it is not feasible to visit or in case of a crisis/mental health emergency the Director-operations will guide the family after assessing the need for intervention.

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Deaddiction is a difficult process. Cadabams made it easier for my family. A special thanks to Dr. Swarupa for helping me reconnect with my family, I am a lot happier now.


This place changed my life. Would recommend it to everyone for recovery.


My son had fallen into drug addiction. Rehabilitation here really has helped him recover.


Cadabams really helped with my drinking problems. It had completely destroyed my life. A short program here really helped me bring my life back on track. Thank you.


It is a very good place. Very professional. Most patients who recover some self-awareness will know the value of this place. The centre has served the patient well.

Anand Rajamani

Difference between Rehab and In-Patient


  • Continued Care and Monitoring in a setting that feels like home
  • Focuses on long-term recovery that is sustainable.
  • Involves the family over the treatment course to ensure sustainable recovery.
  • Round-the-clock assistance for the individual, with all basic needs cared for. 
  • Most important step towards recovering from psychiatric illnesses.

IP Care

  • Hospital setting for care in acute situations
  • Focuses on immediate relieving of symptoms in case of emergencies
  • Mainly involves the treating team that focuses on symptoms reduction
  • Individuals will need a family member with them in case of emergencies
  • The first step is seeking care for acute mental health disorders, after which rehabilitation may be necessary or not

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Our Professionals

Dr. Arun Kumar

MBBS, M.D. (Psychiatry)

Dr. Swarupa M U

Ph.D. (RCI) in Psychiatric Social Work

Raji Raj

MSW, M. Phil (RCI)

Ashwini Shastry

M.Phil (RCI) & M.Sc in clinical psychology

Why Cadabam's?

Cadabams has been India’s leading private mental healthcare brand. Established in 1991, we have spent over three decades pioneering effective recovery experiences for a range of mental health disorders. Our infrastructure, and team combined with our unique recovery model ensure long-term and sustainable recovery for our clients. At Cadabams, you will get a recovery experience that transforms you and equips you to overcome the challenges posed by mental health disorders.

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