We're on a Mission to End the Stigma Around Mental Health.

We believe in destigmatizing mental health by offering those seeking help with mental health issues the resources, treatment, community, and support they need to get better.

A client talking about their mental health struggles.
A mental health care professional
A woman seeking mental health care treatment at Cadabams.
A man seeking mental health care services at Cadabams.

A Safe Space

We provide a safe, nurturing space where our patrons can recover and eventually reintegrate into society.

Continued Assistance

Our programs also offer assistance to families and caregivers to equip them with the know-how and skills they need to help patients cope with their illness.

30 Years of Commitment to Excellence

Our highly trained multidisciplinary psychiatric team take each patient’s case and understand the unique challenges, history and trauma faced by the individual into account while creating a recovery path.

With over two decades of experience in the field, Cadabam’s is one of the pioneers of Mental Health in India.

Garden at Cadabams Tristar

Amitha Cadabam: The Inspiration Behind Cadabams

It was in 1992, that Mr. Cadabam Ramesh, inspired by his own experiences, laid the foundations of what was to become Cadabams.
His youngest sister, Amitha suffered from intellectual impairment and passed away at the young age of 24. Witnessing his sister’s struggle with her disorder and his family’s struggle to care for her, Mr. Ramesh set up Cadabam’s Amitha, which is today the largest psychosocial rehabilitation center in the country.

Statue of Amitha Cadabam

Our Team

Sudha R. Cadabam


M. K. Saraswathi


Sandesh R. Cadabam

Managing Director

Dr Sunil M. R.

Director Facilitator

Neha S. Cadabam

Executive Director

Dr. B. R. Madhukar

Medical Director

Rajashekhar Hiremath

Director of Operations

Ms. Sufia Nusrat

Chief Clinical Executive

Palyam Gurudath

Director of Facilities

Shreyus Komarla

Director Administration

Our Vision:

Enabling access to quality mental healthcare for people from all walks of life.

Our Mission:

Ending the stigma and creating awareness about mental health  to ensure early detection, diagnosis, and effective treatment of mental health disorders.

Spacious residential quarters at Cadabams Amitha.
Ramesh Cadabam, founder of Cadabams Group

Chairman's Message

Cadabam’s was started in the memory of my sister Late Ms Amitha M Cadabam who suffered from Developmental Disorder and Intellectual Disability. The pain and struggles faced by our family in supporting her and improving her quality of life strengthened my resolve to help others faced with such despair.

We started Cadabam’s Rehab Centre in 1992 with the aim of providing world-class care to those suffering from mental health issues in India.

We are closing in on 30 years of a fulfilling journey and we’re proud to be the go-to name in the Rehabilitation, Recovery & Reintegration space.

Cadabam M. Ramesh
Chairman - Cadabam's Group

Our Milestones

From when Cadabam’s started, we have come a long way to where we are today. Through our journey across three decades we have always strived to make quality mental healthcare accessible to everyone.

A Residential Rehabilitation Centre for the Mentally Disabled was set up near Konanakunte on Kanakapura Main Road.
Shri. Vishwesha Teertha of Shri. Udupi Pejawara Mutt laid the foundation stone for the Administrative Block.
A new campus ‘AMITHA’ was laid out at Gulakamale Village in fond memory of Mr Ramesh C.M’s late sister.
A residential rehabilitation block was inaugurated at the hands of Sri. Balgangadhara Swamiji.
‘Ananya’, an elite mental health care centre with a holistic multi-disciplinary approach was established.
Cadabam’s opened ‘Adrutha’, a post-rehab care centre & ‘Anunitha’, an exclusive alcohol and substance de-addiction centre.
Cadabams launched Mindtalk, a new-age therapy offering that addresses the intersection between mental health and lifestyle.
Cadabams launched Anunitha, a dedicated de-addiction center that focuses on holistic recovery and rehabilitation.
Cadabams Hospitals is launched, a dedicated psychiatric hospital that offers outpatient consultations and hospitalization services for a diverse range of mental illnesses.
Cadabams launches the Indiranagar branch of Mindtalk and launches a full fledged nursing and medical complex at Cadabams Amitha.
The Mental Health Conclave, the first of its kind was hosted by Cadabams at UB City, Bengaluru. It brought together various famous personalities to shed light and end stigma around mental health disorders.
Construction of a full-fledged Assisted Living/ Senior living facility with round the clock care along with a Holistic Health and Retirement village in the outskirts of Bangalore city.
Cadabams expands its footprint by launching Cadabams Hyderabad and venturing into physiotherapy with Physiotattva. Cadabams Diagnostics, a full-fledged diagnostic center is also launched.
Cadabams Maldives is launched in association with the Government of Maldives. Cadabams offers outpatient services and expert consultations at the Hulhumale Hospital, Maldives.
Cadabams Anvita, a center for long-term rehabilitation and holistic recovery, and Amitha Wisdom Homes, a dedicated senior living community are launched.

Cadabam's Group Awards

Samajashree Award

Recognizing outstanding services rendered to the public in the mental health sector.

Ekta Shree Award

Awarded by the Global Economic Council in recognition of achievements and contributions toward making mental health accessible to all.

The Best Citizen of India Award

Awarded by the International Publishing House, Delhi for the commendable work done by the Cadabam’s team to raise mental health awareness.

Samaja Seva Bhushan Award

Awarded by the Subharam Trust, Bangalore for pioneering mental health awareness and treatment in the community

Let us guide you on your journey to mental wellness.

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