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Mindtalk: Counselling Centre in Bangalore

Mindtalk is an initiative by the Cadabam’s group to offer a platform catering to all psychological and behavioural needs of individuals. The dedicated and experienced staff at the Centre offers individual-suited treatment by creating a comfortable and safe environment for the patients to open up. Mindtalk opens up a sanctuary for individuals and their families to relax, unravel, and reboot in a calm environment with well-defined recovery goals. They offer expansive services such as online counselling, family therapy, home-based counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, and more. Their services are aimed at tending to various disorders and conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, autism, schizophrenia, and addiction among the others.

Benefits of visiting a counseling center:

The process of counseling is quite a transformative experience. So, when you visit a center for counseling you will learn more about yourself and acquire new skills, as well. Counseling will involve learning and tackling your mental condition; this includes issues like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and so on. Once the client gets a better understanding of what’s affecting them, they are open to treatment plans and getting better. Listed below are some of the benefits a patient can gain, when they go for psychological counseling:

When you visit a counseling center, the therapy that is offered by medical professionals will help you cope with a wide range of emotions and experiences. Therapy is for anyone who aims for good mental health, healthy relationships, and wants to set proper life goals. You don’t need to have a mental breakdown or crisis to get support.

It’s best to be proactive about your mental health, and prevent the symptoms from festering and becoming a bigger problem. A counseling center helps provide relief from mental disorder symptoms and restore a person’s quality of life.


Living Spaces

Cadabam’s Amitha is designed as a mental wellness retreat aimed at helping patrons attain physical and mental wellbeing. Amitha offers a broad range of boarding options starting from a minimal low-cost dormitory to luxurious cottages. The spaces are designed and furnished for a comfortable, safe assisted living experience that aids faster recovery.


Individual Planning

The experts at Cadabam’s structure treatment plans based on the individual’s unique challenges and traumatic experiences. Each client’s roadmap to recovery is different and we work closely with them to understand the combination of treatment methods & approaches that will best help achieve recovery goals. Apart from recovery, the treatment is also planned to equip the patients with confidence and optimism that help them reintegrate and function in social & professional settings.



  • Online Counseling
  • Home-Based Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Employee Assitance Program( EAP)
  • Psychotherapy
  • REBT( Rational emotive behaviour therapy)

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With the aim to deliver holistic healing, Cadabams has taken many initiatives to help patrons on their personalized path to recovery. The community-oriented initiatives are designed to bring out their talents and creativity and help mental health patients build confidence in social settings.

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