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Am I a Drug Addict? – Signs of Drug Addiction

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Drug Addiction is a physical and psychological urge of the body to consume substances. The individual may depend on at least one illicit substance despite its harmful results on the body. During the phase of addiction, the individual may expose a few notable signs. Here in this blog, you will learn some of the common symptoms (irrespective of the drug type) that may trigger dependence over the drug.

Common Signs of Drug Addiction

The Signs of Drug Addiction differs from substance to substance and from person to person.  

  • Cravings

It is an intense urge that drives an individual to consume the substance of choice. Craving holds a seamless contribution in developing an addiction.

  • Physically dependent

Prolonged use of the drug over a period of time leaves the body physically dependent. If there is an absence of drug in their system, he/ she may function sub-optimally or feel a sense of absence.

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  • Tolerance

With the physical dependence, prolonged consumption of drugs makes the individual build a tolerance to dosage. For the next time, the individual will need more drug to attain the same effect.  

  • Withdrawal symptoms

When an individual makes attempts to stop taking drugs, they experience withdrawal symptoms. This is due to the presence of physiologic dependence in the body.

  • Lack of Morality

In order to get or consume the drug, the individual may involve in risky behaviours, such as stealing/ spending/ borrowing money, or committing crimes.  

  • Throwing away responsibilities

This is the classic sign of addiction behaviour. Because of the preoccupied thoughts of drug use the individual may develop impairment with responsibilities that include work, personal obligation and social commitments.    

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  • Social isolation

The individual withdraws from friends and family to hide drug addiction behaviour. Some of the other potential causes for their isolation are depression, anxiety and paranoia.

If you can see these two or more signs of drug addiction in you, it is advisable to seek professional help. Recovery is never too late. Through proper drug addiction treatment and therapies, you can suppress the symptoms and gain control over it. For more assistance call us @ +91 96111 94949

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