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From Addiction to Suicide

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The term suicide is associated to the act of self-harming with the intention to end one’s life. In fact early sociologist even associated the term ‘Sati’to suicide. However, one can definitely get perplexed with the thought of accepting addiction as a type of suicide. Mostly due to the misconception a common man has about addiction. The very first thing that comes in an individual’s mind about addiction is an individual staggering on the road uttering incomprehensible words or a highly intoxicated individual beating up his wife and children in the middle of the night. But does the act of addiction limit itself to this? Let us look at the term addiction. It is a compulsive behavior in which an individual continues to abuse the substance inspite of known harm to the body.

How many more big cartons of pictorial representation of cancer would inhibit an individual to smoke from the very same pack? I remember a 60+ gentleman after building a huge business empire was left with no responsibilities to adhere to except spending most of the day drinking alcohol. Over next two years his consumption of alcohol became so intense that he developed a liver condition known as Cirrhosis. Doctors had informed him that he had reached the final stage in his liver and he would need to abstain from alcohol forever. However he continued to drink knowing that his life would come to an end. Could this be attributed to suicide?

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Now here is another linkage of addiction with suicide. Most of the addiction stories would involve using substances to get over a depressed feeling. Sometimes these substances effect the inhibitions of the individuals resulting in activities that they would restrict from doing when they are sober. For instance many individuals proclaim to express their love interest under the influence of substance. Sadly indulging in violent activities, rash driving are also observed under the influence of substances.

Here is another form of suicide – Overdose. A drug overdose is resultant of abuse of substances more than the prescribed amount acceptably a human body. The overdose is not only restricted to narcotics but also to alcohol involving individual choking on vomitus. The intention behind the overdose often is the question that relates addiction to suicide. Was the intent behind overdose as an attempt to end one’s life or was it a simple misinterpretation due to inhibition of rational thinking? For instance I knew a young man in his early twenties, who was admitted to the intensive care unit for drug overdose twice. After recovery when he was asked, he simply responded that it was his way of getting back at his family when things don’t work his way. Unfortunately the third time was fatal for him.

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Death due to overdose, rash driving and road kill under the influence of substances, homicides under the influence of substances are increasing worldwide. These forms of suicides require attention and care from the beginning.

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