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Difference between Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Dependency

Difference between Alcohol Abuse and Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol_1-2Alcoholism is also known as alcohol dependence or alcohol use disorder.

You know you have an alcohol dependency problem when you consume alcohol on a regular basis and find it difficult to function without it. It becomes a part of your daily routine, and a rather important part of it, too.

Alcohol dependency can result in a lot of problems in your personal, social and professional life.

People with alcohol dependency tend to continue to drink even though it causes many complications. They are aware of this, but it is often not enough for them to discontinue drinking.

If your consumption of alcohol is causing problems in your daily life, but you are not entirely dependent on alcohol, you have an alcohol abuse problem.

Symptoms of Alcoholism

Some of the more prominent signs of alcoholism are:

  • If you are repeatedly neglecting your responsibilities at work, home or elsewhere, due to your drinking habits. For example, if you are missing work, school or an important family event because you are hung over or have to go drinking
  • If you are consuming alcohol in situations where it may be physically dangerous, such as drinking and driving
  • If you are facing legal problems due to your drinking, such as charges against you for drinking and driving
  • If you continue to consume excessive amounts of alcohol even though it is causing strain in your relationships
  • If you experience black outs often after you go drinking
  • If you have withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink. These symptoms may include feeling sick, sweating excessively and feeling anxious
  • If you drink as a way to relieve stress

Causes of Alcoholism

The exact cause of alcohol dependency cannot be ascertained. You become dependent on alcohol when you drink so much that chemical changes occur in your brain. These changes increase the pleasure derived when you consume alcohol, therefore making you want to drink more and more alcohol, even if it is not good for your health and you know it.

Alcoholism is a problem that develops gradually, over time. It is also known to run in families.


Treatment for alcoholism includes detoxification, counseling, medication as well as support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcoholism can cause problems with your work as well as personal life.

If someone you know and love is an alcoholic, urge them to seek help.

Say NO.


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