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Alcohol is seen to be the portal to the good life for a lot of people. It is associated with celebrations and happiness. However, alcohol is a severely addictive substance that can cause significant damage to a person’s physical, mental, and social health. Eventually, addiction spirals out of a person’s control and can lead to complete disruption in daily functioning.

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Alcohol addiction can be treated with the help of a proper treatment program and the assistance of experienced mental health professionals. Recovery from addiction is most effective in rehabilitation centres, and deaddiction programs. At Cadabams, we offer proven treatment programs for alcohol addiction.

How a deaddiction centre works?
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  • You are unable to control the amount of alcohol you consume.
  • Trying to cut down on how much you drink or wanting to cut down on how much you drink but failing
  • Investing a significant amount of time on drinking, obtaining alcohol, or recovering from alcoholism
  • Having a strong desire or impulse to consume alcohol
  • Failure to meet key duties at job, school, or home as a result of excessive alcohol use
  • Genetics
  • Trauma
  • Environmental Causes
  • Medication
  • Psychotherapy
  • CBT
  • Support Groups
  • Out-patient
  • In-patient
  • Rehabilitation


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Can Alcohol Dependence be treated?

Over 160 million people in India consume alcohol, and many of them suffer from alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction severely affects a person's physical health as it is the cause of various physiological disorders, it also affects their mental health causing disorders like depression, anxiety, and more. The disorder can be treated with the help of a mental health professional, and strict following of a treatment regimen.

Why Cadabam's?

Cadabams has been the foremost name in addiction treatment for over 30 years. Our premier deaddiction centre, and expert professionals offer the best recovery experience possible and offer recovery that is sustainable over a longer period.

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Ask Cadabams!

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Learn more about our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs

Cadabams Group has been helping individuals recover from different types and severities of mental health disorders for over three decades now. We have been the pioneers in mental healthcare, and have grown to be the leaders in mental healthcare today. At Cadabams, we were the first in the country to have dedicated infrastructure for alcohol deaddiction in the form of Cadabams Anunitha. We are also the first mental healthcare provider.

  1. Enhanced De-addiction programs: This program is meant specifically for those who need intensive assistance for their addiction issues over a shorter period.

  2. Comprehensive deaddiction programs: Individuals who require a longer period of assistance for their addiction issues. This program can last upto 180 days.

  3. Harm Reduction and Detoxification: This program is aimed at individuals who are having mild issues with their addiction.

  4. Post-rehabilitation Care: After completing treatment at a rehabilitation clinic, individuals can use this programme to continue their recovery

Cadabams Advanced Diagnosis & Treatment Program for Alcohol Addiction

Cadabams offers an advanced diagnosis and treatment program for alcohol addiction designed to address the unique challenges and needs of each individual. The program combines evidence-based therapies with holistic approaches to ensure a comprehensive recovery journey.

The focus is not just on overcoming addiction but also on equipping individuals with the skills and strategies needed to maintain sobriety and lead a fulfilling life.

What are the different programs offered for Alcohol Addiction?

At Cadabams, we provide a range of treatment programs for Alcohol Addiction that prioritize the path to recovery. Our comprehensive programs integrate medication, psychotherapy, and supplementary therapeutic approaches to ensure a holistic healing journey. 

By combining these elements, we offer individuals a well-rounded and personalized recovery experience, addressing the multifaceted aspects of Alcohol Addiction for improved well-being. The programs include:

How does an Alcohol Addiction rehabilitation program ensure effective and sustainable recovery?

An effective alcohol addiction rehabilitation program ensures sustainable recovery by addressing the root causes of addiction, not just the symptoms. It provides a supportive environment where individuals can explore their triggers and learn healthier coping mechanisms. 

The program also includes aftercare planning and relapse prevention strategies to help individuals maintain their recovery long after they leave the rehab facility.

Clinical Services for Alcohol Addiction

Clinical services for alcohol addiction encompass a wide range of treatments and therapies. These may include detoxification, medication management, individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy

The goal is to provide a comprehensive treatment approach that addresses all aspects of the individual's health - physical, mental, and emotional.

Psychiatric Consultations

Psychiatric consultations are a crucial part of the treatment process for alcohol addiction. Psychiatrists can diagnose any co-occurring mental health disorders, prescribe medication if necessary, and monitor the individual's progress throughout the treatment. 

They work closely with the rest of the treatment team to ensure that the individual's psychiatric needs are being met.

Psychologist Consultations

Consultations with psychologists are another key component of alcohol addiction treatment. Psychologists can provide various therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and motivational interviewing, to help individuals change their thought patterns and behaviors related to alcohol use.

Family Therapy Sessions

Family therapy sessions can play a vital role in alcohol addiction treatment. Addiction doesn't just affect the individual; it impacts the entire family. 

Through family therapy, family members can gain a better understanding of addiction, learn how to support their loved one in recovery, and work on healing any relationship issues caused by the addiction.

Cadabam's Hyderabad - Advanced Rehabilitation Centre In Hyderabad

The Cadabams recovery experience is now available in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. With an expert team, the latest infrastructure, and comfortable living experiences, Cadabams Hyderabad offers long-term and sustainable recovery options. 

Type of Admissions

Regular Admission

This is when the family or primary caregiver has completed the required paperwork and confirmed the admission. The individual can begin the process of receiving the necessary care and support.

Referred Admissions

Many psychiatrists utilize our psychosocial rehab services for their clients. In cases where the resident is referred by a psychiatrist for psychosocial interventions, the referring psychiatrist also becomes part of the treating team, and he/she will be regularly updated about the progress and will also be involved in the overall care. Hundreds of eminent psychiatrists trust us with their clientele when it comes to residential care & rehab.

Admission under Special Circumstances

We have a number of patrons from various countries and different parts of the country seeking admission. We also have mental health professionals across the country referring us to complex cases that require psychosocial intervention. Under special circumstances where it is not feasible to visit or in case of a crisis/mental health emergency, the Director-operations will guide the family after assessing the need for intervention.

Difference between Rehab and In-Patient

Hospital (In-Patient)


Typically provide short-term treatment for acute psychiatric symptoms, such as suicidal thoughts or psychosis

Typically provide longer-term treatment for chronic mental health conditions or substance use disorders

May have a more hospital-like environment, with limited access to outdoor spaces or recreational activities

May have a more home-like environment, with greater opportunities for social interaction and recreational activities

May focus more on medication management and stabilization than on therapy or rehabilitation

May offer a variety of evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), or group therapy

May offer more intensive interventions, such as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) or intravenous (IV) medication administration

May focus on developing coping skills and addressing the underlying factors that contribute to mental health or addiction issues

Discharge planning may focus on transferring the patient to another level of care, such as a partial hospitalization program or outpatient therapy

Discharge planning may focus on providing ongoing support and resources for the patient's continued recovery, such as referrals to outpatient therapy or support groups

Why Cadabams?

Cadabams is a leading name in mental health care and has a comprehensive Autism treatment program that addresses the unique needs of each individual. With a multidisciplinary team of highly trained professionals, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a patient-centric approach, Cadabams ensures a supportive and nurturing environment for autism recovery.

  Facilities & Services within Cadabams

Cadabams offers multiple treatment options for individuals who are battling mental health disorders. We have an expert and multidisciplinary team that customizes our proven treatment programs to meet your unique needs. Our treatment options include:

  • Outpatient Services: Our expert professionals offer consultations for a wide range of mental health disorders.
  • Hospitalization: In severe cases or in case of emergencies, hospitalization services are available at Cadabams with round-the-clock monitoring and advanced infrastructure.
  • Rehabilitation: Cadabams offers the most comprehensive rehabilitation experiences in the country, allowing for recovery that is sustainable over a long period of time. 


A huge part of any professional-client relationship is trust. At Cadabams, we maintain the highest standards of confidentiality. No information about a person or their recovery journey is ever revealed without just cause. 


1. How to help someone with Alcohol Addiction who refuses treatment?

Helping someone who refuses treatment for alcohol addiction can be challenging. Encourage them to seek help, provide information about treatment options, and consider staging an intervention with the help of a professional.

2. Does rehabilitation help with Alcohol Addiction?

Yes, rehabilitation can be highly effective in treating alcohol addiction. It provides a structured environment for individuals to focus on recovery, learn new

 coping mechanisms, and address underlying issues contributing to their addiction.

3. What is the treatment for Alcohol Addiction?

Treatment for alcohol addiction typically involves a combination of detoxification, counseling, therapy, medication, and support groups tailored to the individual's specific needs.

4. How long does treatment for Alcohol Addiction last?

The duration of treatment for alcohol addiction varies depending on the severity of the addiction and the individual's progress. It can range from a few weeks to several months or even years.

5. What treatment is most effective for Alcohol Addiction?

The most effective treatment for alcohol addiction is usually a comprehensive approach that includes medical, psychological, and social support tailored to the individual's unique needs and circumstances.

6. Can I have a female therapist to get treatment for Alcohol Addiction?

Yes, you can request a female therapist for your alcohol addiction treatment. Many treatment centers accommodate such preferences to ensure you're comfortable during your recovery journey.

7. Will I be getting medication for the Alcohol Addiction treatment course?

Medication may be part of your alcohol addiction treatment plan, depending on your specific needs and circumstances. It can help manage withdrawal symptoms, reduce cravings, and treat co-occurring mental health disorders.

8. Can I get counseling services for Alcohol Addiction?

Yes, counseling services are a crucial part of alcohol addiction treatment. They can help you understand the root causes of your addiction, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and build a strong recovery support network.

9. What services are available for Alcohol Addiction treatment?

Services available for alcohol addiction treatment can include medical detox, individual and group therapy, family counseling, medication management, aftercare planning, and support groups, among others.

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