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Breaking the Cycle: Overcoming Alcoholism

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Alcoholism is the dependency on alcohol that has a physiological and psychological impact on a person’s life. According to WHO, about 30% of Indians consume alcohol, out of which 4-13% are daily consumers and up to 50% of these, fall under the category of hazardous drinking. Another worrying trend from India is that the average age of initiation of alcohol use has reduced from 28 years during the 1980s to 17 years in 2007. Hence it is alarming that people need to learn the ways of beating alcoholism and some ways to give up alcohol with yoga meditation, yogic postures

Beating Alcoholism through Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is very effective at regulating the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. It is widely known that any imbalance of these hormones can create with anxiety and depression, and stress disorder as well as substance abuse in a person.

These chronically high levels of hormones are toxic to the body and central nervous system. And as you are less stressed, more are the chances of you depending less on alcohol or drugs to cope.

One of the best ways for beating alcoholism is to go through a de-addiction program at a rehabilitation facility. A rehabilitation facility provides you with the skills and training to go through the de-addiction process and ensures you do not relapse.  With relapse rates higher than 40 percent globally, addiction specialists, as well as those in recovery, are turning to Yoga to help combat addiction effectively. Many rehabilitation facilities teach Yoga in some form or the other.

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Best Ways to Stop Drinking

Meditation to stop drinking alcohol –

  • In beating alcoholism and Meditation helps you both observe and train your mind. It is a powerful tool in which recovering addicts are encouraged to sit quietly and calm the body and mind with the beath, and experience feelings of peace and comfort. This can include Pranayama, Mindfulness meditation for alcohol and many more variations.
  • Yogic Postures –Many facilities also incorporate and teach a series of Yogic postures that are simple for people who have never done yoga and who probably have not been physically active. These postures help addicts in beating alcoholism by giving them the skills they need to learn in order to help beat uncomfortable feelings and sensations that can potentially lead to relapses.Today, Yoga has entered into a post-modern world and is taught in many forms. Power Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga etc., are all forms that will help anyone overcome the difficulties in becoming alcohol or drug-free.
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If you or your loved one is suffering from alcohol addiction, it is a good time to think about Yoga and try your hand at learning in beating alcohol. It will definitely help you see things in the right perspective. To get more information about the best ways to stop drinking alcohol, call @96111 94949 or visit Cadabam’s.

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