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9 Stages of Addiction Recovery you need to know about

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“Being prepared is half the victory”. Having a fair knowledge of what’s the recovery process will automatically stride you to victory over addiction. In this whole of the process, you are not alone. This blog will help you with the most valuable information about the nine stages of addiction recovery. Get started and get recovered, because recovery is worth.

The 9 Stages of Addiction Recovery Steps

  • Admit you have an addiction

According to a study by American Society of Addiction Medicine, – addiction impacts the person’s willpower, memory and reward system making them feel powerless. In spite, they won’t accept their addiction. In order to overcome it, the ‘rule number one’ is to admit that you have an addiction problem.

  • Detox

It is the initial process in any recovery program during which you need to stay focused. Because once the chemicals are out of the body, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the severity of the condition you may be under the medical supervision. Hence keep your mind and body strong during this process. Remember “Beginning can seem a bit hard, but the results will be worth it.”

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  • Early sobriety & PAWS

PAWS (Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome) is an acute stage where the individual experiences withdrawal with minimum physical symptoms and maximum emotional symptoms. The symptoms could be panic attacks, anxiety, depression, sleep issues and stress. You need to be careful as you may experience a sense of mourn with the choice of drug. You may even miss the balance and determination in life.

  • Finding New Routines

Breaking bad habits with the new ones is one of the best ways to enhance confidence within the self. Cultivate new habits such as meditation, exercise, bedtime routines and healthy eating. This empowers the chances of recovery even more strong.

  • Being Aware of the non-pink clouds

In the first few months of sobriety, when you start to hit your stride, you might have days so good you feel like you’re walking on air. Some people in recovery call this phenomenon “pink clouds.” By this stage you’re sleeping better, saving noticeable amounts of money, you look better, you have time for hobbies again, and most importantly, you don’t have toxic chemicals streaming through your body, messing up your chemistry. Sadly you’ll likely have non-pink cloud days, too, but all of those positive changes will stay the same.

  • Giving Well-being a priority

Getting sober is a daunting task, focus in early stages and allow yourself to be committed with the process. Make well-being a priority “slow and steady wins the race”.

  • Avoid Relapse

Once the individual finds it easy and comfortable in managing with their addiction, they become more sophisticated with the ongoing things. Gradually, they reduce the workout hours, eating habits, visiting community and bedtime routines. This is the point where 90% of individuals commit the mistake. Recovery needs constant vigilance, or it may lead to relapse. Hence constantly recognise the triggers, don’t hesitate to ask help and talk to professionals.

  • Enjoy life  

The recovery is successful when the week, months and years pass without the obsession of addiction. Yes, definitely there is light at the end of every tunnel and that’s life. It is important to anticipate and use the right coping skill.

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  • Seek for support

It is essential to talk someone about your addiction issues to seek support. It could be anyone, the support could be a friend, family member, professional or support group. This the stage where most of the people obtained confidence and capitalise on the idea of the recovery.

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