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Schizophrenia is a mental health disorder often developing in early adulthood or in adolescence or (Schizophrenia a Greek word meaning Schizo (split) and Phreno (Mind). Meaning poor connector split between thought process with emotion and behaviour.

This illness affects the person in the way he thinks, acts and feels. Schizophrenia can keep the sufferer from looking at the world around him/her in a normal way, meaning he/she may not be ready for committing to the treatments or medications.


Psychiattopvideoric illnesses such as Schizophrenia may not be curable but with regular treatment can be managed very well. However, it may require lifelong treatment. Treatment with psychosocial therapies and medications can help the person to manage the condition. In rare cases, it may require hospitalization. However, a psychiatrist experienced in treating this illness usually guides a schizophrenia treatment for a better recovery.



  • 90% of the people with Schizophrenia experience delusions at some stage
  • What people with Schizophrenia see or hear absolutely seems real to them though how unrealistic or unbelievable others may find it.
  • Treatment for Schizophrenia is most effective if it began early as soon as possible after symptoms appear.


It is not known as to what causes the illness, but experts believe that a combination of brain chemistry, a chemical imbalance in the brain,
genetics, family relationships and environmental conditions contribute to the development of this disorder.

Certain issues with brain chemicals may develop the illness. Many research studies show the differences in the structure of the brain and the central nervous system (CNS) of the people with schizophrenia.

While some researchers are not certain about the importance of the changes as they indicate that it is a brain-related disease.

Early Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of schizophrenia vary from person to person, depending on the individuals. The early symptoms of schizophrenia include-

  • Anti craving Medicines: Reduce the craving for Alcohol
  • Anti Abuse medicines: Prevents person from taking alcohol by causing unpleasant reaction if alcohol is taken
  • Craving Management
  • Cue’s Management
  • Motivation Enhancement Therapy
  • AA Meeting
  • Bio-Psycho-Social Education
  • I can stop if I want to,
  • I can cope,
  • I can stop at any time……..are signs of denial
  • Earlier the help , lesser the damage better the recovery
  • In 85% of the domestic violence the husbands were alcoholic
  • Safe limits of alcohol 1 unit of alcohol = ½ pint of beer=25 ml (quarter) of pub measure of spirits )
  • Many harmful drinkers are not dependant and they can stop if they want to with counseling and help
  • 10 to 15% of people who drinks alcohol develop dependence
  • 20 % of absenteeism and 40 % of accidents at


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