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Alcoholism: An Overview

Alcoholism occurs when your body becomes completely addicted or dependent and becomes a fixation in your life. It’s also known as alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence. People who are affected by this are unable to stop even when they face the negative consequences of alcohol dependence such as losing a job or hampering a relationship.

The Importance of Early Diagnosis

You must visit a healthcare professional or a doctor to get a professional diagnosis of your alcohol abuse. They generally carry out a physical test and put forth a few questions regarding your dependence such as:

  • Whether you drive while you’re drunk
  • Whether you’ve lost a job due to your alcohol dependence
  • Whether you face blackouts as a result of your alcohol dependence
  • Whether you’ve tried to stop your alcohol dependence and failed

Treatment Methodology

Each aspect of the treatment methodology helps you in successfully getting rid of your dependence on alcohol. This process is known as abstinence. Some of the stages of treatment include the following:

  • A detox regime to help your body get rid of the dependence on alcohol
  • A rehabilitation program to learn coping techniques and behaviours
  • A counselling program to address the emotional aspects that cause you to drink
  • Support groups that involve many stages of rehabilitation
  • Medical help to deal with the health problems associated with alcohol dependence
  • Medications to help control the addiction

Naltrexone (ReVia) – This is prescribed only after a person has detoxed from their alcohol dependence.
Acamprosate – This medicine should be combined with therapy and can help get your brain back to its original state before alcohol dependence.
Disulfiram (Antabuse) – This medicine induces physical discomfort such as nausea or vomiting when you consume alcohol.

Why Cadabams?

Our team of psychiatrists are experts in psychosocial rehabilitation, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) ), interpersonal and social rhythm therapy (IPSRT), and family-focused therapy that has proven to be highly effective in treating Alcohol Dependence. We have over two decades of expertise in handling the most complex and severe cases of Alcoholism.

Luxurious Living

At Cadabams, we provide clean, modern, fully furnished accommodations with all the necessary creature comforts.

Modern Amenities

Kitchen and dining hall, laundry facilities, indoor games area, yoga and meditation hall, outdoor games area for cricket, badminton, Round the clock psychiatrist and counsellor support, 24×7 ambulance on demand.

Healthy Cuisine

Our everyday menu is curated by Dieticians aimed at providing healthy and nutritious and tasty meals to satisfy everyone’s palate.

Entertainment Options

Recreation facilities such as TV, sports, gym, picnics and outings and more.

Dependences is an overwhelming desire to drink alcohol and developing of withdrawal symptoms upon stopping.

Symptoms observed on stopping alcohol

A person needs help if found with the following

  • Need to drink alcohol every day
  • Strong desire to drink
  • Drink alcohol often
  • Drink early first thing in the morning
  • Spending time in activities where alcohol is available
  • Neglect other interest or pleasure because of Alcohol
  • Need to drink more alcohol to get the same feeling
  • Accepting that there is a problem with drinking alcohol is the big step to recovery.

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