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Don’t be cool. Be clean

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A decade or more before, all we know is alcohol wasn’t this much social the way it’s now- yes. Indeed alcohol consumption was considered as one of the disgraceful things to do. With time now everything has changed. Yes- at present if we look so- consuming alcohol has become one of the fashionable and coolest things to do. Furthermore, for some people, it is a kind of social status. Consuming alcohol has become more casual during occasions such as parties, get together, and work/ personal stress.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), alcohol consumption has been doubled in the last 11 years.

What’s more worrying? A lot of teens start consuming alcohol at a much earlier age. The average age of Indians consuming alcohol is 15 years, says the Alcohol and Drugs Information Centre India.

If you or someone you care wants to have a healthy change in life and want to get rid of alcohol, then this blog would be helpful. It highlights how alcohol can affect a person’s life and what ways a person can adapt to get over alcohol consumption and deal with situations.

How alcohol consumption can impact your life?

Short -term effects of alcohol consumption

  • Severe headaches
  • Unconsciousness
  • Impaired judgment
  • Dehydration
  • Breathing problems
  • Blackouts

Long-term effects of alcohol consumption

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Risk of organ failure (liver, kidney, and brain)
  • Anaemia (loss of red blood cells)
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Memory issues.

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How to get over Alcohol addiction?

Prepare for challenging situations

It is important to identify the situation where you may get triggered by the thoughts of alcohol. In order to take control, It is mandatory to build a defensive mechanism to encounter triggers.

People may gear up with cravings of alcohol when they feel bored, experiencing difficulty in sleep, worried/ anxious about something, or revolving around the thoughts of alcohol.


If you are a person who has plenty of ideal time- start cultivating a hobby. It is the best way to beat boredom. Because being ideal is a greater trigger.

Difficulty with sleeping

Some people take alcohol just to get sleep. If this is the case of your, better try regular physical workout regularly. It helps to get a sound sleep.

Worried/ anxious

Constantly worried or being anxious about future events makes you feel more stress. This might act as a greater trigger. Identify your source of stress and try to reduce or nullify it.

Preoccupied thoughts

If you are always having the habit of revolving around the thoughts of alcohol. It might knock you down for sure. Also, you should know that stopping alcohol abruptly may collapse the recovery. Hence consume low or zero alcohol beverages.  

Accept the small discomforts

While quitting alcohol you may divert your thoughts and focus them with different things. During the focus, yes you may face a few discomforts. You may feel frustrated while learning your favourite instrument, you may get confused while learning a new language or you may feel little pain during workouts.

Sometimes it’s okay to feel lesser than great! Practising mindfulness helps you accept the situation in a non-judgemental way. Gradually, all these small discomforts can build strength against alcohol.  

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Reload yourself

Think about what was your ‘el dorado’ before the alcohol took over. Rediscover the thing which made you feel good or that you enjoyed before. It could be your favorite sports, games or activities. It would inspire you to remain the best version of you.  

Go alternate

Consider consuming alternate drinks such as tea, coffee, or healthy liquid foods instead of alcohol.

Seek Professional Help with addiction treatment

If you need more information about Alcohol Addiction treatment or have any queries, do mail it to us at Or visit us at Cadabam’s Anunitha – the best drug rehab centre for addiction treatment in Bangalore, India. Alternatively, you can call us on our 24/7 helpline number- +91 9611194949.

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