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A large quantity of white medications on a blue table.

Amphetamine Addiction: Everything You Need to Know

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According to research, more than 35 million people suffer from addiction. Addictive components are chemicals impacting the functioning of the body. Individuals dealing with amphetamine addiction focus only on the high that they get from the substance. They are likely to avoid their professional and personal responsibility and focus on their drugs. It’s important to seek medical intervention to prevent the matter from getting worse, which could be fatal. At Cadabam’s, as one of India’s largest and most trusted rehabilitation centers, we provide comprehensive treatment plans that include supported employment, vocational training, post-treatment support, rehabilitation psychotherapy, and medication management to fully address the issues from the core. We have a multi-specialty team that has extensive experience in helping patients with amphetamine addiction. Get in touch with us today and seek proper help. Call us at +91 96111 94949 or +91 7353226622. You can even email us at info@cadabams.org.

What is Amphetamine?

Amphetamine is a form of synthetic stimulant type drug. It can provide a feeling of high competence to the individual’s central nervous system. In this period of time, the body might feel increased concentration and energy. Earlier, amphetamine was used to treat mental health conditions. It can treat conditions such as alcohol hangovers, weight loss, narcolepsy condition, and ADHD.

Adderall, Ritalin, Dexedrine, Desoxyn, Vyvanse. These are just some of the commonly known amphetamines that people take it. They take it for various problems such as hyperactivity, ADHD related issues, to focus, and for narcolepsy. Even though Amphetamine is such a commonly used drug, a lot of people don’t realize that it is an addictive drug and can be easily abused.

As amphetamines are Central Nervous System stimulants, they help in inducing wakefulness and serve as diet aids as well as amphetamine use causes weight loss. It is very common for college students to use amphetamine drugs like Adderall to stay awake during exams and to increase focus and concentration. But treatment for amphetamine addiction can help people get through this and live a quality life.

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The Need For Immediate Treatment

The Effect of addiction can turn severe as time passes by. This is why addicts or their loved ones should identify the symptoms and get amphetamine addiction treatment. If this addiction goes undiagnosed and untreated, then it has a severe impact on every aspect of your and your loved one’s life.

Cadabams has India’s largest and most reliable rehabilitation center, which offers comprehensive treatment plans, vocational training, rehabilitation psychotherapy, post-treatment support, and medication management. By offering such a comprehensive treatment plan allows us to address the underlying issues that are causing the addiction.

Signs of Amphetamine Abuse

Amphetamine causes multiple impacts to the body both mentally and physically. These impacts are devastating and become possibly permanent when it is utilized for the long-term.

Risk of possible Illnesses-Bipolar

  1. Schizophrenia
  2. Insomnia
  3. Anxiety
  4. Depression
  5. Panic disorder

Impact on Health

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Change in appetite
  3. Digestive problems
  4. Agitation
  5. Social isolation

How Do People Get Addicted to Amphetamine?

The levels of psychological and physical dependence of amphetamines are high because with long-term use. The brain gets used to the cocaine-like effects of amphetamines which make it more alert, focused, and active. Slowly, the brain starts to depend on the substance for these effects as the natural pleasure receptors of the brain are diminished and the brain is forced to depend on amphetamines for pleasure. Psychologically, the high and increase in energy levels that amphetamines cause serve as great reinforcers to the desired lifestyle effects and can be hard to shake off.

Effects of Amphetamine Addiction

Amphetamine is the cheapest chemical drug in South Asia. Many teens are bound to get addicted to amphetamine due to its ready availability and low cost. Moreover, hiding from the parents and the elders is easy because of its size. Once it is consumed, the body the drug runs into the bloodstream and the brain. Once it reaches the brain, immediately amphetamine gives the high intense energy.

Amphetamine addiction causes many changes in the body like insomnia, decreased appetite and weight loss, cardiovascular issues, fatigue, and mood swings. Because the changes caused by amphetamines are so vast, putting a stop is just as hard with the withdrawal symptoms involving changes like depressed mood, irritability, fatigue, etc. Therefore, amphetamine addiction treatment involves a conjunction of different types of treatment to address all of these issues.

The negative Effect of amphetamine addiction is not limited to the addict; their family and friends also go through a great deal of distress. Following are the Effect of amphetamine addiction on loved ones –

  • The addiction can lead to abandonment or ignorance
  • Trust in relationships can be broken.
  • The constant stress and worry can lead to health issues
  • Being a drug addict can make it challenging to get or retain a job, resulting in financial issues in the Family.

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