Effects of Drug Addiction

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Effects of Drug Addiction

Effects of Drug Addiction

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A number of reasons spike when you question why people get addicted to Drugs. Some of them simply use it to see what it feels like, while others take it to come out of their depression and stress problems. No matter what the reason is, the use of drugs can eventually lead to a chemical dependency, leading to drug addiction.

Drug addiction refers to the obsessive use of high amounts of drugs and causing an appearance of withdrawal symptoms to appear when not using the drugs.

Drug abuse affects not only the people who take it but also the ones around you, including your family and friends. Of the most important, do you know what are the worst-case scenarios of drug addiction? Drug addiction can have serious negative consequences not only on the well-being of a person but also on the physical, mental as well as professional life. Know the effects of drug addiction and learn how you can live a sober life away from addiction.

Understanding Drug Addiction: Causes and Risk Factors

There are various causes behind drug addiction. Extensive research has allowed us to distill the causes under the following:

  • Genetic: There is a major genetic component to the incidence of substance abuse, with it running through families.
  • Co-morbid mental health conditions: Individuals with other mental health disorders can turn to substance use and abuse as a form of coping.
  • Environmental Factors: Being exposed to people around who consume substances can also make a person more susceptible to drug use. 

Risk factors are specific conditions beyond causes that can influence the incidence of substance abuse. These could include:

  • Childhood experiences
  • Severe stress or trauma
  • Peer pressure
  • Curiosity

Effects of Drug Addiction on Health

The drug addiction effects include the cost of the healthcare system and justice. Most often, a violent behavior closely related to drug abuse is responsible for the disability of about 58.3 million people around the world. Let us see how drug addiction affects the health system of the drug addict here-

Physical Effects of Drug Addiction

The physical effects of drug abuse vary typically in all systems of the human body. Some of the primary effects of drug addiction include-

Irregularities in the Heart

Respiratory problems such as emphysema, lung cancer, and breathing problems

  • Pain in the abdomen, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Liver and Kidney damage
  • Seizures, brain damage, stroke,
  • Changes in the appetite, sleeping patterns, and body temperature.

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Psychological Effects of Drug Addiction

The psychological effects come from the reason why the user is addicted to the drugs. Some of the Psychological Effects of drug addiction include-

  • Depression, mood swings, anxiety, violence, paranoia
  • Complications of psychiatric illness
  • Decrease in energy levels
  • Engage oneself in risky behaviors
  • Confusion
  • Behavioral Problems from Drug Addiction
  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Aggressiveness
  • Impaired judgment
  • Loss of Self-Control
  • Impulsiveness

Birth Defects from Drug Addiction

About 4% of pregnant women in the United States use drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and other illicit drugs that pose a danger to pregnant women and their babies as well.

Preventing Drug Addiction: Strategies and Education

Preventing drug addiction is often the most important and effective way of dealing with the issue. Abstinence is a much better option than cure. Education, hence, plays an important role. From a young age and throughout life, individuals need to be aware of the ill effects of drugs. Families and societies should create a safe space for individuals to speak out about the issues they are facing while also advocating for better awareness programs. 

How to get help for Drug addiction- Drug Addiction Treatment centers

If your loved one is struggling with drug addiction, you need not worry, as you can get help to fight against this battle before you get to meet the worst scenarios. There are drug rehab centers that offer the valuable support and care your loved one needs to beat drug addiction and regain control over life. The first and foremost step to recovery is to rid your body of the substance.

A professional drug detox program can be more helpful to withdraw from the drug addiction more comfortably and safely while giving you round-the-clock medical as well as psychiatric care. This is usually a short-term form of drug addiction treatment, after which many patients transition to ongoing substance abuse treatments, which are either offered as an inpatient or as an outpatient program.

Success Stories: Overcoming Drug Addiction

At Anunitha, we have helped countless individuals overcome issues related to addiction. Many have complimented our evidence-based approach to addiction treatment and our multi-disciplinary team that ensures recovering individuals are constantly receiving the care they deserve. 

Why Cadabams Anunitha?

Although the drug treatment centers do offer programs depending on the philosophy, most of the rehabs provide therapies such as group counseling, individual therapy, drug education, medication-assisted treatment, medical care, and aftercare planning as well.

If you are searching for a solution to your problem, Cadabams Anunitha’s De-Addiction Centre can help you with its team of specialized experts. We have been helping thousands of people live healthier and happier lives for 30+ years. We leverage evidence-based approaches and holistic treatment methods to help individuals effectively overcome their drug addiction. Get in touch with us today. You can call us at +91 96111 94949.

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How does drug use affect mental health?

Drug use has a significant effect on a person’s mental health. Consistent drug use can lead to disorders like anxiety, depression, psychosis, and much more. 

What is the effect of addiction?

Addiction has multiple detrimental effects on a person’s physical and mental health. From physiological issues like overdose to mental health disorders, drug addiction can trigger multiple problems for a person.

What are the harmful effects of drugs?

Harmful effects of drugs include a risk of overdose, incidence of addiction, co-occurring mental health disorders, and much more. Drugs often take over a person’s life and can lead to a complete breakdown in functioning. 

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