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A Must Read on the Facts of Drug Abuse

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Intoxication through drugs is one of the ways that people choose for various voluntary reasons.  Once started, it is difficult to quit and the body craves for more with time. The society looks down on the drug addicts, and blamesthe low moralsfor using drugs repeatedly.  However, the truth is that drug addiction is similar to any chronic disease such as diabetes. The safe de-addiction is possible with the help of medical science. There are many facts behind drug abuse which are surprising and are not known to many people.The only way to prevention is better knowledge and awareness of drug abuse and the cost of being addicted to them.

Why Drugs?

Drugs contain chemicals thatharm the normal communication system of the brain. The chemicals used in the drugs cause a disruption in functioning of the brain by either imitating the brain’s natural chemical messengers or by overstimulation of the reward circuit. The chemicals content in the drugs like cocaine and marijuana creates an abnormal amount of dopamine in the brain, which controls the body movements, thoughts, understanding, and the amount of pleasure in things etc. These are some of the factors which encourage a person to start using drugs, and the joyous experience of the intoxication leaves the person craving for more.

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In recent studies on drug abuse in teens in the USA, it was observed that they had a very casual approach towards drugs, which clearly was the result of lack of awareness and knowledge about their long-term effects. With time, popular cultures like cinema, rock bands, urban party spaces, etc. have increased the number of young drug abusers across the world. The initial objective of the abusers is to “try out” the drugs, and eventually they become addicted to one or many of them. At present, intoxication is associated with celebrationwhere people of all ages depend on drugs and alcohol to be “happy”.

How does it harm?

The urge to use drugs repeatedly rises when the brain gets used to the surges of dopamine. When it produces less dopamine to balance the amount of stimulation in brain,the ability of the abuser to enjoy the dose of the drugs and other things happening in his surrounding reduces. Hence, the person has to increase the dose of the drugs, which leads to further overwhelming surges of dopamine in the brain. Abusers lose their livesbecause ofoverdose of drugs that leads to cardiac arrest, kidney failure, strokes, etc.

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As the body gets used to the drugs, it becomes difficult for the abuser to stay away. Studies show that the impact of drugs on the body is more dangerous when they are taken intravenously than through smoking or inhaling. The symptoms of withdrawal from the drugs vary depending on how the abuser takes them in the body. The symptoms could range from depression, panic attacks, malnutrition, sleep disorders, headaches, etc.

The only way of preventing such fatal consequences is prevention of drugs and being dependent on them for momentarily pleasures. But it is never too late for a person to come out of the vortex of addiction. There are different ways and methods of de-addiction available at present, which help people to come out of it safely. All it needs is realisation and acceptance of the fact and dedication towards the process of de-addiction.

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