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Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Drug Abuse Resistance Education.

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Drug abuse resistance education or DARE program has been implemented in various school in the US along the years. This particular programs aims at reducing drug abuse and violence among students, by equipping them with information and certain skills.

These programs are designed and developed on Socio-Emotional Learning Theory and strives to provide basic necessary skills that promote healthy development in children.

The primary goal of this program is to help students resist drug abuse, engaging in violence and joining gangs. This program is a little different from the regular school curriculum as this involves law enforcement personnel. This program works in collaboration between teachers and a law enforcement officer.

Drug abuse in adolescences is a common risk as in this age individuals are more into experimenting. Like any other country, India too needs a program specific to drug abuse resistance that can be integrated into academic curriculum.

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Let us look at how this program would be beneficial here:

  • The program would give information on drug abuse and violence and the effects of it along with that it could also help identify similar issues among students. In a country like ours a child is not taught (usually) these things at home. Educating them will help them gain skills along with identify and report similar issues.
  • The program requires a law enforcement officer officer to be a part of it. In our country, the general public do not have a positive opinion about law enforcement (though now it is changing). Involving a police officer would not only make the students familiar with them but would also help them know who exactly the law enforcement works. This could also play an important role bringing down stereotype against law enforcements.
  • It is collaboration between teachers, law enforcement and parents. Teachers are trained with information on drug abuse and violence. Both use various teaching techniques to help the student develop skills.

  • Along with information and awareness on drug abuse the program also emphasizes skills on conflict resolution, decision making, assertiveness and increasing self esteem. All these are necessary for a healthy development. Also issues like drug abuse can be avoided if the students know what is good for them and make the right decision.
  • Through the collaboration of law enforcement the real disastrous and “not-so-cool” side of engaging in drugs and violence can be shown to students. Along with that it can also target problems such as bullying.

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Programs like D.A.R.E can be beneficial here as it not only targets on providing awareness on issues like drug abuse but it aims at enhancing a student’s decision making skills. It is believed that when an individual is taught a skill in early age it tends to grow stronger and they tend to use it more effectively. With this intention this program focuses on decision making, which can help avoid various issues in life. Programs like these must also be executed in India for the way drug abuse is growing. For drug abuse treatment, call us now on +919611194949.

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