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This is Why Marijuana should not be Legalized in India

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The fact that Marijuana is a highly addictive drug will remain as it is not only toxic for the brain but also the entire health, in fact, producing a dependence. It is considered to be a gateway drug.

Do you know the legalization of marijuana recently in places such as Amsterdam, Canada has led to an increase in rates of crimes, and the death rate as well? These countries are increasingly seeing that in the garb of Marijuana, the youth are driven towards vulnerabilities. They are realizing that just to escape from everyday stressors of life, many people are irresistible towards the use of Marijuana. Also, it is being observed that this legalization of marijuana has done nothing but creating a havoc in the social and mental health of the societies. In a society of literates, the danger posed by marijuana and other such drugs can have a devastating effect on the country’s health, and especially the younger generation. What if this deadly drug is legalized in a country like India? See the effects below-

Effect of Weed Legalization in India: In a Glance

  • Marijuana overdose can prove fatal with smoking 10,000 joints in about 15 minutes
  • Marijuana is addictive in nature, little a bit lesser than caffeine.
  • Marijuana drug impairs the memory and judgment skills.
  • The drug adversely affects one’s health inspite of the proven medicinal use for the past thousands of years.
  • If marijuana is made legal, then teenagers and young adults will use it frequently due to its easy availability.
  • Criminalizing drugs such as marijuana justifies our morality as it will take away the rights of independence over our bodies giving away the power to the government.
  • Though marijuana can make you feel happy, peaceful, and mellow but can never imagine how dangerous those feelings might be and can harm your life.

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The Marijuana Legalization in India would be erroneous if compared to nicotine and alcohol, the two biggest killers. Marijuana impacts both the mind and the soul creating a false pleasure not in the control of one’s own hand paving a way to other mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, psychosis in vulnerable individuals.It is also observed that places, where marijuana is easily provided, are the scenes of heinous crimes. Besides this, marijuana has become the gateway to substance abuse history for many young people.

Remember, Marijuana addiction is not just bad for your health but also lays a negative impact on the life of loved ones. You have the right to eat as many donuts, pizzas, candies, and cheeseburgers and if even then you feel life is worthless or purposeless or you’re having emotional turmoils, you can go on medication and treatment too. There is no one to stop you. But, Why do you choose Marijuana for it? Think!

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Let’s Develop a Marijuana-Free Society

We have had similar thoughts when we legalized cigarette smoking. But the detrimental fallout is playing right out before our eyes now. Hence let’s take a step towards having a society where happiness is derived from friendship and humor, social bondings and interactions, philanthropy and altruism, adventures and sports and believe that false pleasures of Marijuana will take a massive toll on the health of people. Let’s make our millennials healthier take a pledge for a marijuana-free society.

If you or someone you know is addicted to marijuana, and if you think can do nothing about it, Do not worry. We can help you come out of marijuana addiction. Feel free to contact us at 9611194949 or visit Cadabam’s Anunitha today. Your wellbeing is important.

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