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Specific Learning Disabilities are a group of neurodevelopmental disorders that affect a child’s ability to grasp different aspects of learning. They vary in their nature and severity. SLDs are grouped based on the type of learning difficulty and include dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and more.

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There are multiple causes behind specific learning disabilities including genetics, environmental causes, and issues during birth. Treatment for specific learning disabilities aims to mainly help the child overcome the difficulties associated with the disorder through adaptations to their living environment.

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  • Persistent difficulties in reading, writing, arithmetic, or mathematical reasoning
  • Inaccurate or slow and effortful reading or writing
  • Poor written expression that lacks clarity
  • Difficulties remembering number facts

  • Genetic
  • Environmental Causes
  • Other


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Can Specific Learning Disability be treated?

Specific learning disabilities cannot be completely cured, but with adaptations, effort, and treatment children can progress in academics, and be gainfully employed as well. Learning difficulties are addressed in the classroom, ideally with early intervention. To help a youngster overcome his or her learning issues, an educational professional can offer effective learning practices. Private tuition may also help you make the most progress.

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Cadabams Group is a mental healthcare organization that was established over three decades ago. Over that period, we have grown to be the foremost mental healthcare provider in the country. Today, we have over 5 rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and outpatient facilities across two cities. At Cadabam’s, you get personalized, effective treatment for all kinds of mental health disorders. No one understands mental healthcare quite like us.

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Learn more about our SLD Treatment Programs

Children require various skills to succeed academically and in employment as well. These include the ability to read, write, calculate, and more. Specific Learning Disabilities are a set of neurocognitive disorders that affect these crucial skills within a child. They can manifest in different forms, and in different severities as well.

Difficulty in reading or processing language is classified as dyslexia, while difficulty in calculations is called dyscalculia. Some children may face difficulty in writing things, which is called dysgraphia. These disorders can cause a significant disruption in a person.

Cadabams offers comprehensive treatment programs for individuals facing specific learning disabilities. With dedicated infrastructure, and a treating team that combines empathy with expertise, we help you achieve recovery that is sustainable over a longer period of time.

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Learn more about our SLD Treatment Programs

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