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Fortwin Addiction Common with Medical Professionals- Is it a myth?

Fortwin Addiction Common with Medical Professionals- Is it a myth?

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A clarity to the myth on Immunity

Chronic pains are number one reason for people to take medications. Pentazocine is incredibly effective drug in treating chronic pain. Fortwin is a brand name for the drug Pentazocine. Pentazocine stems from a class of opioids whose main purpose is to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. It currently is a narcotic painkiller that was formerly thought to be non-addictive. Because of it’s potential risk for addiction, it is available only by doctor’s prescription; it is a drug of concern as it is majorly and frequently abused. The drug is considered to be a poor man’s heroin and is seen to be easily available with prescription.

So what exactly is the relationship between Fortwin and medical professionals?

For many other prescription drugs including Fortwin, addiction rates highest amongst medical professionals that is from doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians to nurses to even medical technicians . Most of them struggle with abuse or addiction. The statistics could be alarming and concerning where in 1 in 10 physicians would suffer from drug and alcohol abuse, approximately 20 percent of medical nurses struggle with the same. But the brighter side to this all is where 71% of physicians are able to stay sober and ward of their addiction and abuse.

“1 in 10 physicians suffer from drug and alcohol abuse”

The possible reasons for addiction among medical professionals?

  • Easy access- Given that they have prescribing privileges, access to hospital and clinic supplies and networks of professional contacts they have easy access to powerful and highly sought after drugs.
  • Overwhelming stress- Sometimes the pressures of the job, personal issues, etc. end up getting under one’s skin. Just because you are a medical professional stress doesn’t spare you.
  • Physical pain- Chronic pains like injuries from accidents, back pains, frozen shoulder broken bones, headaches, joint pain, arthritis could all range to physical pains. One could simply self diagnose and lose track of consumption causing dependence over the drug.
  • Emotional pain- Relationship issues, failures, issues with self esteem/worth, harsh criticisms, negative perceptions could all can act as a catalyst to emotional pain. Inability to deal with them in a healthy way can result to dependence over the drug.
  • Mental health issues- Even medical health professionals sometimes end up being unaware of mental health problems and a lot of times end up self medicating because of this. From anxiety to even depression mental health issues go unnoticed.
  • Academic pressures- Studies show how medical student in the process of succumbing to the pressures of academics end up self medicating and abuse medications.
  • Long work days- Unlike any other professions medical professionals do not have the luxury to take holidays. Due the nature of their jobs most of them end up working for weeks and even extra hours before taking a break
  • Caring for patientsSometimes things could take an unexpected turn from failure to relieve pain to even treatment of the patients could end up affecting them on a much deeper level. Succumbing to pressures of job is number one stressors of medical professionals.

Treatment available for addiction

  • Confidential treatment- Because of the fear a loss of reputation a lot of medical professionals feel uncomfortable to seek medical treatment for their ongoing addiction. But due to the sensitivity of the subject, confidential treatments could be available. Both outpatient and inpatient treatments could be made available.
  • Behavioural interventions- From learning strategies to prevent you from relapsing, dealing with cravings, and adopting healthier lifestyles can all be used to handle a relapse. Individual counseling, group or family counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapies, can all help with mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • 30 days and 90 days rehab programsRehab programs for de-addictions are the best kind of treatment programs from drug interventions to behavioural interventions all are provided to facilitate a long lasting and relapse free treatment. 

Knowing of a loved one suffering from addiction can be quite devastating but help is necessary to sought for. Relapse rates are higher among medical practitioners and hence an effective treatment is necessary. A lot of factors are into play when it comes to medical professional seeking help from reputation to stigma but it is essential to remember self care is before all. For treatment with utmost confidentiality and privacy, contact our professional team at Cadabams. Book an appointment on call us at+919611194949.

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