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Various Treatment options for Cannabis Addiction

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Cannabis is one of the most widely cultivated, trafficked and consumed drug in the world.   This is also a cause of widespread marijuana addiction, which is only second to alcohol. The acute effects of cannabis abuse are many. Its addiction only worsens with each use, as it increases both the dependence and tolerance for marijuana. Hence it becomes critical to seek proper cannabis addiction treatment and care, which can, not only help an addict to recover, but also avoid a relapse.

The patients with drug abuse disorder can opt for either an outpatient or residential inpatient treatment programs. They provide support with medication, supervision as well as therapy to help overcome marijuana addiction.

Cannabis Addiction Treatment Options

Psychological Therapies:

They are designed to reward positive behaviours to inculcate a healthy lifestyle and mindset to avoid relapse. The psychotherapy and behavioural cannabis addiction treatment include –

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  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) – It involves counselling to help an individual to commit to the treatment and stop the drug use. The focus is on internal motivation, empowering with coping strategies and guiding the user through an effective recovery plan
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – It helps in anticipating problems and triggers prompting the drug use. It empowers an addict to develop an effective coping mechanism with cravings through self-monitoring techniques
  • Contingency Management – It provides the cannabis user with vouchers of escalating values as a reward for positive behaviour. The vouchers can be exchanged for items or services that further promote social involvement and participation like employment or advance education etc.
  • Family and Peer Counseling – This is a multidimensional therapy in nature, which involves family or peer support and interventions. Each intervention includes talks and exercises to build a support system for the addict and discourage further drug use

Pharmacological Therapy:

Although there are no medications for treating marijuana addiction, a number of proven research shows that antidepressants can help manage the withdrawal symptoms or block the effects of cannabis use. Oral THC may also help in avoiding a relapse. While some of the drugs are in the experimental stage they still show a promise in assisting the drug abuse therapies. However, the medications strictly want to taken under supervision.

It certainly helps to identify the marijuana abuse signs in the early stages and provide proper cannabis addiction treatment to avoid relapse. A holistic approach to the treatment also focuses on creating a positive environment to motivate the users to say no to drugs advanced

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