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Are You Feeling Suicidal? How to Deal with Suicidal Thoughts?

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Wanting to overcome suicidal thoughts?

Firstly, the thought to overcome the suicidal thoughts itself is a sign of positivity. You may think feeling suicidal is a sign of permanent weakness and flew. Actually, it isn’t, feeling suicidal is just a temporary negative mindset that makes you experience intense sadness. During this intense episode majority of the people fail to see beyond the problem.

Vaguely, suicidal thoughts are the resultants of pain, disappointments and heartbreaks. One feels suicidal when they feel they have reached a deadlock and don’t see hope anymore. To overcome these thought processes you need to learn and develop the right set of coping skills.  

What to do for overcome suicidal thoughts?

Most often, these type of thoughts are caused due to the stressors associated with physical and mental health. This associates tend to create an experience of depression, despair and hopelessness. Remarkably, coping skills are one of the best gateway to exit. Here are some logical questions which might help you overcome suicidal thoughts.

  • Your emotions aren’t constant and it keeps fluctuating. What you feel today will not be the same for tomorrow. Don’t you want to wait for tomorrow’s change?
  • Think about your family, friends and your loved one. Your absence might create grief and misery to their life. Do you still think this is the solution to all your problems?
  • What about your life goals? The ones you have been working on for years and years? Who will accomplish those?
  • Don’t you want to experience the delightful side of life?
  • Rephrasing Newton’s third law- Your pleasurable experience = Your distress experience. Are you handling both equally?    

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Why are you feeling suicidal?

There are numerous types of emotional torment that may lead you to the thoughts of suicide. The reason for the pain may be uncommon for each one of us so as the coping technique. However, there are some common elements exists among people why people feeling suicidal ideas.

Why suicide is considered as an option:

Let’s consider your emotional pain as a small piece of stone in hand and imagine you are holding it nearer to the eyesight. Now it will occupy the whole sight and you won’t able to see anything other than stone. Same happens when experiencing major emotional pain you aren’t able to seek the possible solution.

So you might be stuck with the rigid option called ‘suicide’. Move the stone from the eyesight to the maximum stretch. The stone looks small and eyes can clearly witness all the possible sights. Change the approach to seek the issues to avoid suicide option.

Offer ‘them’ a chance to help:

When you are experiencing such kind of thoughts- reach out to counselor, wellwishers or friends /loved one. Offer them a chance to help you out from the radical thought. Researchers suggest communication has the tendency to break down the discomfort situation whereas in social isolation the thoughts of suicide become more stronger and firm.

Suicidal thoughts are temporary:

Always remember the crises of suicide is always temporary. Often solutions can be found, feelings may get a change, positive events may occur unexpectedly. Anything can happen at any time. so avoid taking permanent solution for a temporary problem.  

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How to safeguard yourself from suicidal thoughts:

  • Do promise yourself:

“I promise, I will not harm myself for the next 2 weeks or month” practicing this action might makes you to think differently and distract your thoughts from suicide.

  • Sidestep from drug and alcohol:

Avoid taking drug, alcohol and prescribed drug which might make your intentions stronger. These substances are significant in influencing the suicidal thoughts.

  • Create a safe environment:

Evacuate the objects from the house which has the tendency to harm you such as knife, pills, or firearms from the house. If you aren’t able to remove it, distance yourself to a safe place.

  • Step aside from negative people:  

Stay away from the people who might make you feel bad or encourage your suicidal ideas. These kinds of people have a problem for every solution so better to stay away or avoid them.

  • Reach out to a professional

If you are not able to cope up with the thoughts, preferable you should reach out to a medical professional or counselor. Counseling makes you develop anticipating and problem-solving skills to handle high-risk situation. For best evidence-based treatments and therapies, call us at +91 96111 94949.

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