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Does Drug Rehab Work?

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There is a commotion that surrounds drug addiction or abuse of street drugs all across the globe. A common thinking came forward by some surveys that people think that drug addiction can only be cured by the willpower of the addicts, and only they themselves can easily cure their dependency. Also, many of them have a doubt whether or not -Does Drug Rehab Work?

It is proved medically that addiction is a chronic illness, and it needs to be thoroughly understood for a cure. Drug addiction, in fact, is considered as much more of a diverse problem and simply not the case of alternating the behavior. Remaining in the drug treatment program for a period of time is crucial. A 90-day treatment program is the standard treatment plan.

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Does Drug Rehab Work for Drug Addicts?

Drug rehabilitation centers play a crucial role in helping the addicts recover from drug addiction and bring them back to their normal lives. It is difficult to get a cure for drug addiction without a proper treatment or medication. Here are few points that tell how rehab works for curing addiction issues.

  • The rehab centers handle both physical and psychological aspects of drug or alcohol dependence.
  • Rehab centers adopt group therapy and individual counseling as they are another important part of treatment. Patients participate and share with each other their experiences or problems in the group sessions while being treated in group therapy.

  • Some drug rehabilitation programs prefer nutritional supplements to enhance the recovery process, and they do not use any medications for their patients to recover. But, most rehab centers use drugs, and at times, use anesthesia to treat the patients with serious drug addiction condition. For this, they hire specialist anesthesiologists, who help the addict sleep while he goes through painful withdrawal symptoms.
  • It helps them a lot as many have undergone various recovery stages, which can be a help for the patients who have just started the program.However, there is no guarantee by the drug rehabilitation centers that the individual will completely recover after completion of his or her treatment. The time taken by patients depends on his own willpower as it plays a vital role in his rehabilitation.


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If you have a friend or family member that you feel is addicted to a controlled substance, it may be time to intervene and get them the help they need. You need to take immediate action before they end up in a downward spiral. You may be totally unaware how far their addiction has gone. You may want to talk with a drug rehab professional to see the best way to approach your loved one to get the help they need. You do not want to be confrontational because that will just push them away.

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