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Do I need a drug rehabilitation program?

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Many wish that getting rid of addiction was as easy as taking a pill. But no, it requires determination, resilience and motivation. Some who want to quit often opt for an out-patient program, wherein they need to weekly see the therapist, but often they don’t last. Getting out of addiction is a journey that needs supervision and guidance.

Many addicts who want to quit dread ‘rehabilitation’ and also deny the need for it. Others, family members and friends, try their best to help the person but it all goes in wane when the person suffering is in denial. If you are suffering from an addiction here are a few points that could help you realise your need for a rehabilitation program along with the importance of it.

When is rehabilitation necessary?

  • When you tend to engage in criminal activity under the influence of the substance.

When the addiction gets out of hand the individual loses control over their body and mind. They often get into fights creating a brawl or even steal to satisfy their addiction. When you tend to harm yourself and people around, you need to consider rehab program.

  • Caused you physical illness and career problems.

Addiction is life threatening and it slowly affects the person’s body function. There are people who still indulge in addiction despite their serious physical issues. Along with body if your work life also indicates issues due to the addiction, such as frequent complaints or a demotion.

  • Affecting people around

If your addiction has caused you a relationship, be it marital, romantic, friendship or partnership. When you see people getting disappointed as you engage in the behaviour.

  • Failed attempts and low motivation

People at times decide to quit but fail. Why? One of the reasons is the setting they are in. When there are a lot of chances for you to get exposed to the substance, there is chance you might relapse. Here rehab is a better option as they provide the apt setting for recovery.

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Importance of rehabilitation

  • Addresses emotional needs

Not only does rehabilitation programs help stop the addictive behaviour, it also focuses on the emotional needs. An addictive behaviour usually stems from an emotional issue that gets covered by the addiction, rehab programs aims at finding the cause and resolving it.

  • Removes the substance from your system

The detoxification in rehab programs aims at removing the substance completely from the body. Once that is done then it aims to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. Getting the substance off the body is often difficult when an individual tries to quit on their own as there are always chance of getting exposed to the addictive substance.

  • Focus without distraction

Rehab centres provide settings that are apt for recovery, without any distraction. In a rehab the individual’s only goal is to get over the addictive behaviour. There is no family or work obligation. This gives them the space to focus on recovery.

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  • Professional supervision

Since recovery is a difficult journey, the individual needs supervision and guidance, first hand, from the expert, which a rehab centre provides. They address to both emotional and physical needs.

  • Support

In a rehab centre you are not alone. There are other individuals around you who are going through the same journey as you. This not only gives you companion but also motivation from each member.

A rehabilitation program is a hard and difficult choice but it is the right one for addiction. There are various rehab centres that are willing and always ready to help with their multidisciplinary team. All you need is to make that decision and stick on to it. For best addiction recovery programs, call us now on +919611194949.

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