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How Group Therapy Helps in Dealing with Alcoholism

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Many rehabilitation treatments for alcoholism use groups to help individuals recover. These group therapies can help resolve problems and improve your personal life.

How Group Therapy Helps in Dealing with Alcoholism

Coming to terms with alcoholism is challenging in itself, let alone trying to deal with it. From identifying your addiction, to sharing it with your family, to finally making the decision to try and overcome it, the whole process takes a toll on you and often those around you. Once you are committed to the journey to recovery, there are various types of therapy programmes that help you achieve your goals over time. Typically, a rehabilitation program constitutes medical treatments, interpersonal counseling as well as social methods to achieve recovery. In this blog, we shall look to understand one of the key aspects of recovery from alcoholism: group therapy. 

Every person is different and the way they interact with their environment and those around them depends on various psychological and social factors. However, despite the differences in personalities, group therapy has shown to be a very effective mode of treatment against alcohol addiction. 

What is Group Therapy for Alcoholism?

Group therapy, unlike personal or family therapy, involves a licensed therapist and a few individuals at the same time. It is a form of therapy where one takes turns in sharing their feelings, struggles and experiences with the rest of the members of this group. These sessions are guided by an experienced psychologist. While personal and family therapy are designed in a way that you can speak with people familiar or close to you, group therapy allows you to share your feelings with people you do not have existing relationships with. The topic of discussion normally revolves around one’s mental, physical, and sometimes spiritual struggles with addiction. 

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Coping with alcohol addiction is hard, and it is even more challenging when you’re on your own. Engaging with people who have gone through a similar situation as you, can help bring clarity and motivation. 

Why is Group Therapy Used?

It is important to remember that group therapy is not conducted in isolation and is one of the many components of a comprehensive recovery programme. While personal counseling helps create a safe space, recognise your goals and work towards them, group counseling brings you a feeling of togetherness and community that are determined to break free from addiction. Speaking with someone who has gone through similar circumstances as you has shown to bring perspective and induce increased self-empowerment and empathy. It also helps you deal better with the stress that comes with going through addiction and the emotional toll it takes on you. Further, it acts as a reminder that you are not alone in your battle against alcoholism

What are Advantages of Using Group Therapy for Alcoholism? 

Group therapy goes beyond simply building an environment of togetherness or being a platform for you to open up. There are various mental, emotional and social benefits to group therapy which makes it a crucial part of recovery from addiction. 


A recovery program cannot be undertaken without sufficient understanding of the various steps in the journey and its significance. However, a person going through addiction has a lot to deal with emotionally and physically that they either don’t comprehensively learn about the programme or aren’t fully convinced of it. Interacting with those on different paths and different stages of their respective recovery processes will help you gain a broader perspective on recovery and grasp the nitty-gritties of it through the experiences of others. 

Emotional Support

Not everybody receives the same amount or quality of support from their friends and family through recovery. While therapists offer a safe space during individual counseling sessions, group therapy enables people who are going through the same journey to provide emotional support, motivation and empowerment through your recovery process. They can reaffirm your sense of self-worth and allow you to believe in yourself. 

Helping you stay you track

While recovery programs offer structure and organization to your commitment to recovering from alcoholism, following every step while dealing with withdrawal symptoms and other issues that come with addiction is hard. This is where a committed community can be extremely helpful. With the help of a therapist and your group members, you can learn and follow effective and healthy practices not just to get rid of addiction, but also to deal with the stress, anger or frustration that comes with trying to cope with addiction. 

Social Well-Being

Addiction is often an isolating experience. Through group therapy, you can create new bonds and relationships. Apart from being a constant source of support and encouragement, your group members can speak to you on different topics surrounding addiction including stress, work, family and other ways that your addiction has affected you. While you may face stigma in the world outside, your group members will be able to better empathize with you and reduce the feeling of isolation. 

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Is Group Therapy Right for Me?

While group therapy is a common part of recovery programmes, we understand that you may not feel comfortable with sharing your experiences with others, at least at first. This is why group members are often selected based on various factors like their stage of recovery as well as any other psychosocial conditions that a person may have. Further, based on your history with alcoholism, we understand that you may have unique needs with respect to medication and social interaction, which can alter how your group therapy sessions will be set up. Generally, group therapies are crafted based on your treatment preferences and thus, in most cases, healthy and effective. 

Why Cadabams? 

Group sessions are an essential part of holistic recovery from alcoholism. At Anunitha, we believe that every person recovers in their own unique way and thus, we ensure that every group session is conducted based on your needs

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