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6 Steps towards the Road to Addiction Recovery

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Lisa’s Story of Successful Addiction Recovery

Try not to take it too hard if you relapse. Look out for your triggers after addiction recovery. Ask yourself whether you are 100% committed to kicking the habit once and for all. Sometimes we set ourselves up to fail so we can enjoy “one last smoke.”

The same thing followed with Lisa who started the road to addiction recovery at the age of 17.

Lisa had a constant battle, day in, day out with the metaphorical angel and demon that resided inside her head. In her final days of recovery, there was one life-changing incident that defines who she is today.

She was overwhelmed by emotions and withdrawal. Lisa was in the early stages of addiction recovery and had just got over the physical withdrawals. The demon addict timed it perfectly and decided to pop in and pick up where it had left off.

It didn’t take long to convince her, almost like a robot programmed; She instantly made an excuse and set off to her dealers across the bridge. She reached the steps of the bridge and the voice of reason and light started to ask her why? “You’ve come this far!” “Turn around and go back home.” The demon addict butted in rudely, “just one last time”, “you’ve had such a hard few weeks”, “you need a release”. “Think of how good it will make you feel!” The angelic voice was familiar she recognized the faint whisper from times gone by. This time she had found the strength to speak up.

She was torn and confused, unsure as to what direction to take. She thought of her family, the love in her life and all that she stood to lose and made the hardest decision. She decided to take control and fight for her life. She felt powerful. Never before had she beat the demon of addiction, she had always surrendered weak and vulnerable to its destruction and then wallowed in the self-hate and pity that addiction brings.

She walked home with a sense of victory and a real awareness of her vulnerability. It was then she realized she needed to look after and protect herself from here on.

In the same manner, I hope that all of those people in addiction recovery find the strength and courage to carry on and beat it. Try not to be afraid to give it a good kick from time to time when it rears its ugly head. Remember the addiction is part of you so don’t surrender, don’t be a prisoner in your own skin. Release the Demon in order to protect your Angel. The fight is within!

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Addiction Recovery Steps- 6 Steps to recovery from addiction

Addiction recovery was and still is a constant battle that no-one prepares you for. And, Relapse is not a failure but an important element of your recovery. Not everybody is willing to say that out loud. Lisa’s story will throw light on how you can set yourself apart from all the triggers of addiction and break the bars of addiction for a new life.

Here are some proven tips on how to recover from drug addiction:

  1. Firstly you need to be willing to get help for recovery. It must be something that you desire to do.
  2. Educate yourself about alcohol and drug addiction and what it does to your body. It helps to know about the recovery process as well as the damage it causes to the body.
  3. Cross addiction can take place, so be very mindful of taking any other forms of drugs for example drugs to overcome flu, as you can become addicted to them too.
  4. Surround yourself with supportive people who are willing to help you recover. You need all the support you can get during recovery
  5. Formulate a relapse prevention plan. In order to recover more quickly, write down all the triggers that make you relapse during your treatment. By knowing the triggers it can help you avoid them in the future.
  6. Don’t beat yourself up about the mistakes you have made. You need a positive overview and atmosphere. So find ways of being optimistic and positive.

Reach out to Addiction Recovery Center

Addiction recovery centers or Drug rehabs are a huge help for the addicted persons and their families. People should spend some time while choosing a drug rehabilitation center. It is important to ensure that drug addiction center is licensed and has a good professional team and offer. Also look for centers that provide evidence-based therapies for addiction recovery, the chances of recovery is higher and chances of relapse reduce.

Book screening with our director of triage,  Kamlesh Verma
Take the first step

A 12-step treatment program is generally followed at most rehabs, though some places might have other forms of treatment other than the 12 step program.For more information about addiction recovery services and treatments, please visit Cadabam’s Anunitha or call at 96111 94949 to speak with our counselors.

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