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Drug Addiction Treatment Types

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Types of Addiction and Addiction treatment

Cannabis is one of the most widely used illicit drugs today. Cannabis addiction is a chronic disorder characterised by compulsive use of the drugs, withdrawal symptoms and occasional relapses.

The stimulating effect of the drug causes a heightened state of arousal and activity for a brief period, and the withdrawal syndrome kicks quickly thereafter. This leads to a craving for experiencing high again. Cannabis is consumed in various forms.

  • Marijuana – Also known as weed, pot, ganja and grass. It refers to dried leaves, flower buds and extract of the cannabis plant, usually sold in small vacuum sealed packages. Marijuana can be consumed through ingestion or smoking. Smoking results in an immediate high in minutes. But the user is at more risk of higher consumption through ingestion as it takes a while for the intoxication effect to kick in.
  • Hashish – The resin extract is collected and compressed into shapes like sticks or blocks. It has a dry and crumbly texture with a brown or dark yellow colour and is usually smoked by rolling into cigarettes or smoking pipes. Hashish is highly concentrated in THC resulting in a stronger effect and addiction. The drug is also consumed in the form of Hash Oil. The oil drops are placed on a cigarette before smoking

Marijuana addiction is known to pose physiological problems like respiratory infections or cardiovascular issues, as well as other psychiatric disorders that may need constant care and therapy sessions. Hence the treatment for cannabis use disorder is a long-term process that needs regular monitoring and multiple interventions.

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Drug Addiction Treatment Types

There are no specific medications for treating marijuana addiction. However, certain medications can be administered to manage withdrawal symptoms. Other supplementary treatments for marijuana addiction include –

  • Rehabilitation including detoxification and talk therapy to manage withdrawal
  • Behavioural Therapies include-
  • Cognitive-behavioural therapy: Teaching people strategies to identify problem behaviour and exercise self-control techniques to help Say No to marijuana addiction and avoid relapse.
  • Contingency management: Identify and monitoring a particular target behaviour and provide positive rewards when it occurs
  • Motivational Therapy: Enable creating an internal intervention and support system for change and engagement in treatment.
  • Mental health evaluation for co-occurring disorders like depression and anxiety and its treatment
  • A continued follow-up to prevent relapse

An effective Addiction Treatment provides the required support system and continuous engagement to stop using the drug.

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