Treatment center for SLD in Bangalore

Specific learning disorders are neurodevelopmental disorders that are generally diagnosed at an early age in children- although adults are also diagnosed with this. The characteristic of it is essentially a persistent impairment in at least one of three major areas, which include reading, written expression, and maths.

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  • persistent problems with reading, writing, mathematics, or reasoning
  • inaccurate or laborious writing or reading
  • illegible writing with poor clarity
  • having trouble recalling numerical facts
  • mathematical reasoning that is flawed

  • ancestry and genetics. A youngster is more likely to have a problem if there is a family history of it.
  • neonatal and perinatal dangers
  • Trauma (Psychological and Physical)
  • a physical injury
  • exposure to the environment

  • Medication
  • Psychotherapy
  • CBT

  • Out-patient
  • In-patient
  • Rehabilitation


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Can Specific Learning Disability be treated?

Yes, the illness can be treated, and it should allow for the person to have a near-normal, if not completely normal life. There are several treatments that can allow the individual to be able to process things well enough to allow regular functioning in their lives. Early intervention is key for people with specific learning disorders. If problems are identified early, intervention can be more effective, and children can avoid going through extended problems with school life and related low self-esteem issues. 

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Treatment center for SLD in Bangalore

Specific Learning Disorder or SLD is a serious mental health condition that affects a person and their family. Impairments are seen in reading, writing, and mathematical skills, and they fall behind the levels expected for their age. SLD is a relatively new classification that acts as an umbrella term and consists of reading-related as well as maths-related disorders. 

With early diagnosis, effective professional assistance, and optimal treatment courses, an individual can make a significant recovery. Rehabilitation at an SLD treatment center is seen to be very effective in helping a person achieve normal functioning and accelerate recovery. 


1. Can Specific Learning Disability be treated?

Yes, Specific Learning Disabilities can be treated, allowing individuals to lead a near-normal or completely normal life. There are various treatments available that enable individuals to process information well enough for regular functioning. Early intervention is crucial for people with SLDs, as it can lead to more effective outcomes and help children avoid prolonged difficulties in school and associated low self-esteem issues.

2. What are the different types of Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs)?

Different types of SLDs include:

Dyslexia: Issues with reading and identifying sounds.

Dyscalculia: Difficulties in understanding numbers and mathematical concepts.

Dysgraphia: Problems with writing, including handwriting, spelling, and organizing ideas.

Dyspraxia: Challenges with fine motor skills, affecting physical coordination.

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Treatment center for SLD in Bangalore

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