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Borderline Personality Disorder in Women

Borderline Personality Disorder in Women

Borderline Personality Disorder in Women

Borderline Personality Disorder in Women.

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious mental health issue manifest by continuous unsteadiness in moods, behaviour, functioning and self-image. These experiences frequently result in unstable relationships and impulsive action. An individual with BPD may meet extreme scenes of anger, misery, and uneasiness that may last from just a couple of hours to days.

Borderline personality disorder or BPD is most commonly seen among women and rarely seen in men. It is a disorder that characterizes sensitivity, emotional imbalance and unstable relationship pattern.

Research states that women with BPD tend to have symptoms such as mood fluctuations, problems in interpersonal relationships and feeling emptiness etc. But men suffering with BPD tend to  self destructive, impulsivity and are likely to abuse drugs.

Statistics: Borderline personality disorder is prominently more seen in women than it is in men. In fact, investigates shows that 75-90% of all persons diagnosed with BPD are women.

Symptoms of BPD in Women:

  • Behavioural symptoms: the individual may have impulsive behaviour, self injury intentionally such as cutting hand, suicidal threats and anxious effort to avoid real or imaginary rejection.
  • Physical symptoms: the individual have self injury marks such as scars and scabs.
  • Cognitive symptoms: the individual has stress related paranoia (mistrust feelings).
  • Psychosocial symptoms: the individual tend to unstable relationships, under-estimate or evaluating others, feeling emptiness, bottled up anger.

Many individuals come across at least one of the above symptoms routinely, though a woman with BPD will experience majority of the symptoms in adulthood itself.

Effects of borderline personality disorder in women:

Borderline personality disorder has dangerous effect when it is left as untreated. Some of effects are job loss, financial strains, poor performance in work, social isolation, under estimating self, trouble in sustain relationship, divorce or separation, death due suicide, and handicapped due to failed suicide attempt


A borderline personality disorder effectively treated with combination of psychotherapy and medications.

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