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Struggle to recover from addiction

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I always have asked this question to myself several times, what if I never get better. I bet that is a question every individual who is addicted and the parent of an addict has to ask themselves probably more than once.

I admit I no longer struggle daily but it took a lot of effort in dealing with addiction issues which involved a reflection of me. I started engaging in weekends sports activities, which was my best position, I adapted myself to get over it

It was my failure to accept reality that caused much heartache and grief to my family. They were struggling with my problem; there was a desperation and hopelessness seen among them which I failed to understand myself. They were often looking for answers for several unanswered questions.

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I learnt myself to understand and deal with addiction. It is about dealing with a disease and me than dealing with a problem in life.  I never had thought that I would see the day that there was an ending to it. I felt that I was lost somewhere or stuck in infinity somewhere far away from the reality, wondering around aimlessly, roaming in the pitch black disconnected from reality. It took a while for me to realize what reality is. I was roaming and wondering around aimlessly in a lost world.

I don’t know how I woke up to reality. I don’t know how my eyes opened up for the first time. It was more like a miracle for me. Life changed a lot for me, my family and friends helped and supported in this and also forgave mefor the hurt caused by this deception.

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There are several groups such as alcoholicsanonymous, narcoticananymous which help in recovery for the individual and is also a good choice for families in dealing with the problem. It was a strange and surreal moment to recover. After a stay in the de-addiction centre, it was good to go home. But one heals better at home. Going home is a good idea when one has a good supporting family to take care of.

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