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Signs that indicate you are a Fortwin Addict

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Fortwin is a lactate injection, a form of narcotic drug called pentazocine. It is used in treating moderate and severe pains and is also injected as anaesthetic before the surgeries. It is less likely to become a habit but if the individual becomes dependent with no medical intervention being taken to reduce it, then it can progress to become an addiction.

Signs and symptoms that indicate you might be addicted to pentazocine:

  • You tend to use pentazocine without prescription.
  • You would probably combine the drug with other medication or alcohol
  • You prefer to inject it through your veins
  • In spite of trying to quit the habit on your own, you have been unsuccessful
  • You might gradually go on increasing the dose of intake to get the “high”
  • Alcohol and other pain killers usage will also be increased along with pentazocine
  • You have been alerted and criticized by your family members or friends for using this
  • You tend to invest a lot of money on this injections and other related drugs
  • You might find it difficult to stay without taking it for a day or more
  • You will probably know and believe that your habit of taking drug is not under control
  • Even though you are experiencing the side effects of it which is having a negative impact on your life, you are not able to give up on it
  • You would have put your life or another’s life at risk when under the influence of drug
  • You are worried about getting into any sort of financial or legal problem for using this drug
  • If you are feeling ashamed or guilty for using pentazocine

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The addiction has severe side effects on an individual’s body by increasing the potential risks related to lungs. The person may experience a phase of respiratory depression, wherein it makes respiration a difficult task. If the condition is worse, the respiration might be ceased causing coma or death eventually.

So it is always better not to misuse or overuse this prescribed drug. Here are some TIPS that you can follow so as to not get addicted to pentazocine:

  • Take them only if you have a prescription from your doctor
  • Take it according to the recommended dosage and at the prescribed timings
  • Do not continue even after the course or term is complete.
  • If you are unable to bare the pain, it doesn’t mean you would take extra dosage
  • Do not stop taking immediately as it the dose has to be reduced gradually in order to stop the habit.
  • Consult a medical practitioner if you want to start, change or stop taking pentazocine at any point of time
  • If you have to take that for quite a long time then intramuscular way of injecting would be better and changing the parts of injecting is suggested. Do not inject to your veins

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Cravings for the drug can be overcome with a professional help. The suffering individuals can consult both the doctors as well as psychologists for a better way of recovering the addiction and to avoid relapse. For an appointment with a professional team of psychiatrist & clinical psychologist, contact Cadabams at +919611194949.

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