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How to Stop Fortwin Addiction?

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Fortwin is a brand name of Pentazocine, a substance made of synthetic materials. It first came out as a non addictive replacement for morphine, but sadly after a few years experts were seeing hundreds of addiction cases. This drug is taken via injection and is usually injected on the thigh.

It is prescribed for treating moderate to severe pain and tends to give a euphoric effect. The side effects of pentazocine addiction are fatigue, drowsiness, confusion, moodiness, light headedness, vomiting, headache and constipation.

For some it can also cause shortness of breath, skin lesions, difficulty in urinating, unusual thought and behaviour and disorientation. In extreme cases it can cause anxiety, tremors, ulcers, bleeding, hallucination, chills and fever; when these occur the drug intake has to be stopped.

Since it gives relief from pain with a euphoric effect, individuals taking it are at risk of getting addicted. Addiction, as it is known does not only affect the individual involved in the behaviour but also the people around them.

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It can destroy relationships, career and affect one’s status in society; it takes a toll on the individual’s overall functioning.

But like any other illness, there is also ways to stop and recover from this addiction. Here are a few:

  • Make the decision: To overcome addiction the one thing an individual requires is will power and courage. The strong will power to take the decision to quit and courage to keep going through the process despite the difficulties.
  • Reducing the amount: Addiction does not disappear at once. If one wants to quit without any professional help, they need to monitor their amount of drug intake and slowly reduce it. This can only happen when the individual has made a strong decision to quit.
  • Medications: For individuals who need professional help there are various options for that. Pharmaceutical medications such as methadone are given to the individual to deal with withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, cramps, muscle ache, vomiting and nausea. This medication helps reduce withdrawal symptoms without giving a “high” to the individual. Reducing withdrawal symptoms is important as the individual not only stays away from the addictive behaviour but also does not involve in risky life threatening behaviours such as sharing needles, reducing the chance of getting any infection.
  • Rehabilitation programs: The best option by experts is getting into a residential treatment centre. These rehab centres provide the individual with all the professional services they require to recover addiction. The rehabilitation program would provide a team of psychiatrist, psychologist, physician, nurse and occupational therapist. They also provide appropriate psychotherapy to address the mental conditions associated to the addiction such as anxiety and depression.
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To accept that one is addicted takes a lot of courage in itself. For a better recovery the along with the individual’s inner strength support from family peers and community also plays an eminent role.

At Cadabams, treatment of addiction to fortwin injection is planned out with individual therapies, group therapies, family therapy sessions, pharmacological intervention with a professional team.

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