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Schizophrenia Rehabilitation

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People with schizophrenia have profound disabling cognitive defects. Whether positive or its negative symptoms, these cognitive deficits can impair the daily functioning and life activities and also contribute to most of chronic disability and unemployment. That is why the role of Schizophrenia Rehabilitation centers is crucial in bringing the schizophrenics into mainstream and to help them lead a decent life.

They help the patients in multiple disciplines. Following are the few examples of it. Read more about how to get help through Schizophrenia Treatment Centers.

Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Programs

  • Sophisticated Medical Care facility:
    Self-care is a challenge for the people who have overcome the acute symptoms of schizophrenia and been out of emergency care, it takes a little while for him/her get adjusted to the society and to be independent. In well-equipped rehab centers, medical care is available round the clock to attend any medical emergency. Patient’s medicines are taken care off and given on regular time
  • Cognitive enhancement therapy:
    Cognitive enhancement therapy includes small-group therapies and sessions to emphasize on the social cognition. This improves the neurocognition and improves social cognition of the person dealing with schizophrenia.

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  • Social Skills training :
    People dealing with schizophrenia find it difficult with performing activities of daily living like daily hygiene, cooking, cleaning, conversation and transportation issues, they become uncomfortable, They may have to learn most of these things all over again to lead an independent life and for confident functioning. Time management most important areas of Schizophrenia Rehabilitation focus.
  • Vocational rehabilitation training for schizophrenics:
    Schizophrenia Rehabilitation is not complete without providing any assistance with job finding and job training. Many rehabilitation programs have a vocational component built in. Volunteer work is quite often available. Volunteer work does not usually have the financial reward, but it may provide the schizophrenic with a sense of purpose and meaning. These programs are to promote good work habits too.

  • Family Interventions:
    Schizophrenics need to learn about their illness and how to deal with it. Education parameters include the illness itself, treatments for schizophrenia, counseling therapies like family, group therapy, medications what is available in terms of community programs that can assist in their recovery. Family members are also in need of education about the schizophrenia. Family education has become a primary nursing intervention when providing rehabilitative services to relatives of seriously mentally ill people.

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Schizophrenia rehabilitation centres in Bangalore

If the education process is successful, it can lower the emotional climate of the home, while maintaining reasonable expectations from the schizophrenic.

If your loved one is battling with schizophrenia, then it is the time for you to take a step forward for their well-being. Call Cadabam’s at @+91 96111 94949 in Bangalore to book an appointment right away or visit Cadabam’s and get the right Schizophrenia Rehabilitation for your close one.

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