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My Dad and Dementia

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Hello, everyone! Am Naaz (name changed), working as a writer in a reputed company. All am going to share is a few words about my lovely dad’s dementia.

Like every other kid in this world, I too grew up by seeing my dad as a hero. His biggest plus is being nice to everyone without any reason. Now am running 27 years old and I can understand how difficult is to be nice to all – in simple I can tell it as “tough job” and those days being a marketing person my dad might have had a hectic work at the office and soon after reaching home he should play with me. Like how he did those days, it made my life feel so cheerful and happy.Now I can’t do that to my kid Mira in spite of being a writer.

When my dad was diagnosed dementia we all were returning home with speechless tears. He asked us with a small smile on his face “so I can marry a girl and just I have to lie I forgot, right”. We all started laughing, in that situation my ultimate worry was how will I console my dad and mom and how they might take this. Hopefully, my dad took that responsibility and convinced my mother by cracking some jokes around and lowered all our stress and strains. I can understand the tears behind that fake smile. This is the reason I love my Dad so much

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Once dementia got serious, the doctor told us to take care his health and don’t let him anywhere alone. Yes! The result is very hard to digest “One day he might forget his name and us also, right”. What can be more painful for a wife and daughter being a victim of a wonderful person suffering from dementia?

One day he went to buy a milk packet and forgot to give the money to the vendor. A month later  he forgot actually why he went to the milk shop and about 2 months later he just sat on the floor in the milk shop for half an hour “he forgot where his house was”.

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He didn’t convey to us any of the symptoms. Might be he was thinking “he shouldn’t be a burden to us”. We thought he was normal and okay only because he didn’t tell us anything and just acted like he was normal. Soon one day I was searching for him all-around the house and streets as well, but sadly to say couldn’t find him anywhere. The last time we saw him was while he was packing a gift for my birthday for the following next day. Might be he went to buy a surprise gift for me and lost his way to the house. Still, we are trying to trace him all around but unable to find him literally we don’t know whether he is living or not. By now you might have known what dementia is capable of. So don’t take this dementia as a normal disorder or think it will cure by itself. Please don’t suffer like us, we lost him because of our carelessness. Beware of dementia and take care of your loved one and seek professional help. Other articles related to dementia are:

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