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An overview

Dementia is not a single disease but is a range of medical conditions that cause a decline in cognitive abilities, thinking skills, memory as well as impair daily life and independent function.


Dementia can be tough to diagnose. While there is no one test that can determine if someone has dementia, doctors may be able to diagnose the condition based on lab tests, physical examination, medical history, and monitoring the changes in thinking and day-to-day function and behaviour.


  • Therapy options: Dementia is usually managed with counselling and support groups. A tailored treatment path with psychosocial rehabilitation may be required to correct emotional and behavioural issues.
  • Medication: Although the disease cannot be completely eliminated, certain medications can help manage the disease.

Why Cadabams?

  • We have over two decades of experience in handling the rehabilitation and unique needs of elderly dementia patients.
  • Our services are distinguished by the expertise of our healthcare professionals, calibre of our caregivers and the responsiveness of our staff.
  • Our cognitive therapeutics focus on fun ways to keep the patient’s minds of your loved ones sharp and active.
  • We don’t just offer caregivers for seniors. We also work with families to deliver world-class personalised care plans to ensure that we bring energy, independence and joy in their lives.
  • Our care team also takes care that you have clear lines of communications with healthcare professionals.

luxurious Living

At Cadabams, we provide clean, modern, fully furnished accommodations with all the necessary creature comforts.

Modern Amenities

Kitchen and dining hall, laundry facilities, indoor games area, yoga and meditation hall, outdoor games area for cricket, badminton, Round the clock psychiatrist and counsellor support, 24×7 ambulance on demand.

Healthy Cuisine

Our everyday menu is curated by Dieticians aimed at providing healthy and nutritious and tasty meals to satisfy everyone’s palate.

Entertainment Options

Recreation facilities such as TV, sports, gym, picnics and outings and more.

People with dementia might become apathetic, have problems controlling their emotions or behave inappropriately in social situations. They may see or hear things that other people do not, or have false beliefs. people with dementia usually need help from friends or relatives, including help in making decisions.


Normal brain cells are replaced with damaged tissue called plaques and tangles

Vascular Dementia

Blood vessels supplying blood to tiny parts of the brain blocked starving that region of oxygen eventually leading to dead brain tissue in that region.

The problems caused by vascular dementia depends upon which part of the brain is affected but some of the general effects are

Fronto-Temporal Dementia

Front part of the brain affected more than other parts.

There are a group of medicines which can slow the progression of dementia.

There is some evidence that rates of dementia are lower in people who remain as mentally and physically active as possible throughout their lives, and have a wide range of different activities and hobbies:

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