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Meow Meow Drug: Mephedrone Drug

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Mephedrone is the Newest Club Drug Known as “Meow-Meow”

In the world of substances, the availability and use of both recreational and medicinal drugs often line up with the legality of their production and consumption. 

Mephedrone, popularly called the  Meow Meow Drug, is a synthetically produced amphetamine and cathinone stimulant that has effects comparable to MDMA or cocaine. Mephedrone is the scientific name for the substance, which is naturally occurring and activates the body's central nervous system. M-Cat or Meow Meow drug looks like an off-white powder with yellow tones and has a strong metallic flavor. Used as a party drug to mimic euphoria, the substance is usually snorted( via the nasal passage) or swallowed( in the form of tablets and powders).

Meow-meow's popularity rocketed in 2007 when it began to appear for sale on the Internet. The drug thrived throughout Europe, particularly during British rave parties. This continued until it was banned in the United Kingdom in the year 2010. The drug saw an introduction to the Indian market in the years to follow. 

Around 2013, MCAT Drug or Meow Meow was thoroughly injected into the Indian market and saw a high consumption due to its low cost and lack of appeal among the general public. Mumbai's Deputy Commissioner of Police noted that the prices ranged from near a thousand rupees per gram, a sixth of the current cocaine value. 

Meow Meow Drugs and Side Effects: What happens when you take the meow meow drug?

The major effect that meow meow users want to feel includes a special kind of intense pleasure called euphoria. The drug mimics cocaine, which stimulates the brain as a real achievement does—creating a rewarding feeling that is the primary motivation for people who get addicted and want to get high on the drug again and again. 

Being high on M-Cat also makes people feel different physically; part of that feeling includes a general stimulation feeling. It can cause changes to heart rhythm or breathing, sweating, feelings of being very hot or cold, muscle weakness, or nausea.

Users report meow meow giving them a more potent high than cocaine or ecstasy. Still, the side effects post consumption follow soon after; they include:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Dilated pupils, teeth grinding
  3. Poor concentration and short-term memory
  4. Problems with visual focus, experiencing hallucinations
  5. Excessive sweating and anxiety, and possibly death

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What happens to your body when you consume the drug on a regular basis?

This relatively new drug could pose significant health risks when it comes to long-term effects. Research recently on rats suggests that long-term consumption of the drug can cause irreversible brain damage. It was noted that the substantial memory impairment experienced by rats on mephedrone persisted weeks after they no longer had the drug in their systems. 

At the same time, many users report mild to moderate visual impairment while on the drug or days after taking the same. However, there has not been substantial clinical proof to confirm if meow meow causes long-term visual impairment.

Is Mephedrone or Meow Meow Drug addictive? 

Mephedrone use is relatively new, and while there have been no long-term studies on the effects of regular use of the meow meow drug, preliminary research suggests the intoxication mimics that of cocaine abuse. This is unlike other recreational drugs that were developed first for medicinal use, such as amphetamines. The M-Cat drug was created in underground labs and backstreet sweatshops with little to no regard for the substance's purity or the safety of the user.

However, it is interesting that party/club drugs such as Meow Meow are not as potent as the drugs within their class and thus are overtly reused until tolerance is created, requiring higher doses on each administration. 

While the drug was created to access a high legally, it has been banned in several countries and classified as a harmful class 1 drug. Administration, intoxication, and withdrawal for the same mimic that of MDMA and cocaine. Thus, the drug can readily be abused.

This lack of information on the drug itself serves as a problematic site for healthcare workers and first responders in case of an "M-Cat" overdose and impedes addiction recovery. Contact a hospital, or a de-addiction center, if you or a loved one have encountered the abuse of Meow Meow, and require assistance or drug addiction treatment.

Get help for Meow Meow addiction

It's not simple to break free from a mephedrone addiction, especially if you've been abusing the substance for a long period. Stuffy nose, loss of focus, a significant increase in hunger, wanting the substance, impatience, and others are some of the common withdrawal symptoms that people experience when they stop using drugs. In general, the mephedrone recovery phase consists of several phases, including:


It helps determine the depth of a person's addiction and reliance on the substance. It clarifies the psychological concerns as well as the substance's influence on cognitive function. It is carried out by experts who employ clinically validated evaluation methodologies and instruments.


Detox is the first step in the rehabilitation process from addiction. The goal of the procedure is to get the hazardous substances out of the body. The individual may have withdrawal symptoms during the elimination procedure. Once the toxins have been removed from the body, the patient is ready to go on to the next step of treatment.


CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), psychotherapy, family therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy are among the many result-oriented therapies available for mephedrone drug addiction. All of these treatments are aimed at treating dysfunctional coping mechanisms and addictive behaviors. Furthermore, they are all founded on solid facts.

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What is the drug called meow meow?

Meow Meow Drug is the common name for the substance known as Mephedrone. Mephedrone is an addictive substance that has multiple adverse effects on the human body. It is a powerful stimulant and the effects it has is comparable to that of cocaine and ecstasy. 

What does meow meow drug look like?

Meow Meow drug looks like a white powder, or a yellowish powder sometimes. Its taste has been described as foul and metallic. Some people compare it to inhaling exhaust fumes. However, despite its foul taste, its effect as a stimulant is what leads people to meow meow addiction.

How does mephedrone affect the brain?

Mephedrone, also known as the meow meow drug, acts as a stimulant on the brain and central nervous system. However, overdosing and substance use disorder cause significant damage to the brain. It includes seizures, anxiety, and psychosis as well, and addiction itself is a mental health disorder. 

What are treatments for Meow-Meow Drug Addiction?

Meow Meow drug is dangerous for your body and mind. It has a significant impact on your mental and physical health and can lead to serious disorders. Meow Meow addiction can be treated through various approaches:

  • Assessment
  • Detox
  • Therapies
  • Recreational Activities
  • Care for co-occurring disorders

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