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How to know if It’s signs of Dementia?

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“Lisa was diagnosed with Dementia at the age of 45 after memory loss and difficulty multitasking resulted in a poor performance report at her job as a nurse. The diagnosis quickly altered Lisa’s life and plans. Not only did she lose her job, but her plans for retirement drastically changed as well. She had expected to retire, working part-time, volunteer, travel and spend her life with another person.” It’s normal for your memory to decrease as you grow older since your brain’s ability to process information starts to decline. But how can you tell it’s time to set an appointment with a psychiatric doctor? Absolutely! You get to know by observing the early signs of dementia.

Early Signs of Dementia

Nearly 4 million people in India suffer from Dementia

Diagnosing an early onset of dementia can be a lengthy process. Since the condition is somewhat rare, affecting an estimate of one in 10 adults.

Whether you are searching for yourself or for your loved one, here we are telling you some early signs of dementia to watch out for.

  • You Have Problems Performing Daily Tasks

If your forgetfulness is getting in the way of you getting things done each day, then it may be time to worry.

  • You Ask the Same Questions Repeatedly

Do you keep asking the same questions over and over because you can’t remember the answer (or the fact that you asked in the first place)? It could be the sign of dementia. It is vital to consult with a medical professional, such as those who deal in integrative medicine.  

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  • Your Memory Loss Puts You in Danger

There’s the innocent forgetfulness, like forgetting someone’s name you just met, and then there’s forgetting about the food you’re cooking and potentially burning the house down. If your poor memory puts you and close one in danger, then it is the time to visit a professional for your memory problems.

  • Having a Hard Time Recognizing People

If you’re starting to have issues with remembering people you’ve known for years, then this is a red flag for mental degeneration.

  • Confusion

Forgetting an appointment can seem to be normal, but forgetting the location or how to get there can be a warning signal for the signs of dementia.  

Early Warning Signs of dementia

There are other signs you can watch for to determine if you or a loved one is at potential risk for dementia:

  • Poor judgment and decision-making
  • Inability to manage a budget
  • Losing track of dates and seasons or losing things
  • Problems carrying a conversation
  • Mood Swings such as fear, confusion, anxiety, paranoia, recognized depression.
  • Social Withdrawal including removal from sports, hobbies, and other work activities

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Diagnosed with Dementia now what?

When a loved one is diagnosed with dementia or a similar condition, it can be a tremendous shock. There is an immediate rush of concern for someone close to you, which is then mixed with worries about the realities of dealing with a problem that will only get worse.

Coping with dementia in a loved one is challenging, but it is important to remember there are many sources of support available to help you shoulder the burden and so be better able to help your loved one.

If you or someone you care about is experiencing possible signs of dementia, take a look at the specialist dementia care options available to you, should you need them. Consider consulting with a doctor of integrative medicine.

Visit Cadabam’s or just make a call at 96111 94949 and get all the help you need to cope with dementia and live a happy life.

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