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Depression or Sadness- How Do You Know?

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Nobody would welcome the feelings of dejection or sadness, but feeling low can sometimes feel like a  normal emotion, and a natural response to disappointment or loss. But it is vital to note that if this sadness persists for a long duration of time, it can be devastating. However, depression is a mental health condition and is a treatable illness. When often feeling low people wonder, whether ” Am I depressed?” Know whether your inability to get out of bed is Depression or Sadness?

Everyone Feels Sad; But, Don’t let Depression Go Unrecognized!

Millions of people around the globe struggle with untreated depression every year. The impact it causes will never be understood merely due to the stigma and shame attached to the illness. It is important to note that the better we recognize someone who is in need of help for depression treatment, the more we can reduce the impact and provide better support.

Whether it seems to be depression or sadness, it is important for you to understand how both of these conditions can impact your life in a negative way. Remember, when depression goes untreated on a  long run, can lead to more harmful behaviour in a person.

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Difference in Depression and Sadness

Sadness is a condition of low mood for a short period of time. It’s an emotional response which every person experiences after a hurt, disappointment, a personal loss. When you are sad, usually it is that you can trace as to what life event is causing it. You may regret an opportunity you missed or be it lost someone you loved. Sadness can ease at some point in time; it will pass.

Whereas, Depression is a more complicated and life-altering condition. Also, different people experience it in different ways, and in this sadness is just one component of depression. Depression can sag your life’s energy and create a havoc with a person’s desires and hopes to live their life normally. People suffering from depression may be fully present to those people they love or may want to feel much better. But when numbness, fatigue, or apathy takes a hold on their life, they may feel desperate and also try to do destructive things to make themselves feel less bad. In spite of good things happening, they can’t recognize it and even if they have social support they cannot notice it.

Signs and symptoms of Depression

  • Feeling hopeless or, helpless
  • They find no hope and may feel things will never improve. They experience a sense of emptiness that can make their life, even more, harder to live.
  • Little or no interest in the activities
  • Small enjoyments come from doing those things that bring you pleasure; people with depression find it hard to do this.
  • Irritability
  • When it comes to being irritable, men, speaking in general, often experience depression as a loss of patience, quick temper, or a short fuse. Whereas, women tend to feel driven to tears or overwrought. In both the cases, individuals can become annoyed or agitated, or intolerant as if like everything is just grating on their nerves.
  • Absent-mindedness
  • Individual may seem distractible, forgetful, or indecisive, or may find it trouble to pay attention or concentrating on specific tasks or conversations.
  • Unexplained physical pains
  • Headaches, stomachaches, body aches may occur without a clear cause.

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Get the Help whatever it is- Depression or Sadness

Depression is treatable and individuals suffering from it can recover and enjoy healthier and positive lives.

Pain is inevitable, but remember suffering is optional.  Healing from depression can take great persistence and strength. Reaching out for help and support is not a sign of weakness or failure, but a tremendous courage and strength.

You can defeat depression by learning how to manage the condition, heal from the debilitating symptoms deservingly. Know more about the best depression treatment options or sadness treatment.

For any support or help, you can rely on us. Call us today and feel yourself again. Contact us at 96111 94949 or visit Cadabam’s today.

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