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A person afflicted with drug addiction will have a brain chemistry that plays out in its own individualistic way. Drugs are known to hamper many brain functions, mostly the memory, power of concentration – just to mention a few. However, sometimes written words convey the message in a more simpler fashion with much more clarity and efficacy, than spoken words.

Addiction effects are not unknown to anyone. Sources suggest that around 4.9% of the world’s population suffers from alcohol use disorder. Also, 11% deaths in males and 6% death in females have been recorded, due to tobacco intake, each year. With such heightened statistics, there is a natural need to surpass addiction problems and find effective strategies to cope with them.

Tobacco, alcohol, and drugs are the worst substances leading to substance abuse in thousands of people, each day. Hence, mental health problems like depression, suicidal thoughts and anxiety are consistently skyrocketing with minimal room for escape. To top that, stigmatized behaviour in our societies increases the risks of addiction with each passing day. Of course, one can beat this illness and manage it via insight building and exceptional motivation treatment. A neurofeedback cheat sheet may also provide enormous help in trying to get rid of addiction problems.

With Cadabams acting as the facilitator for various addiction treatments, you are only a step away from the most effective addiction solution. By hosting regular psychoeducational sessions and practising recovery via diverse treatment options like rehab, psychotherapy and medication, it is possible to overcome addiction in no time. Their experienced multi-specialty team may also help improve the potentiality of the treatment and cure your addiction instantly.

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Break Free of Your Addiction Using These Simple Tricks

People who suffer from addiction problems may feel like the world is coming to an end, but there is always light after the tunnel. With these simple tips and tricks, you will only be an inch away from beating addiction in ways you could have never imagined before. If, by chance, you fail to do so, then Cadabams is always there at your rescue.

Identify the weak spot

As humans, we are all allowed to live healthy lives. By identifying your triggers, you let the doors to a positive living open immediately. What triggers you to smoke, drink or engage in whatever substance you do? Does it happen more frequently when you head to a bar? Or perhaps, when you hang out with your friends? Once you identify this, minimize it to keep the engagement with substances at bay.

Get a distraction

Ask yourself, what makes you happy? What is the best way to feel distracted? As you find yourself a new strategy to distract yourself, you will feel less intimidated to engage in your addiction.

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Practice self-control

One of the most powerful ways is to practice self-control. As you know yourself best, find ways to stop the trigger. It could be by throwing away the substances or you trying to motivate yourself to abstain from them. Just practice self-control at your accord. You could also fill up a neurofeedback cheat sheet to keep the addiction problem at bay.

Effective role

It is true that cheat-sheets play an important direct, personal, and effective role in helping people get rid of their addiction problems. Before we talk about how to go about preparing a cheat sheet and its usefulness, let’s first find out what the cheat-sheet is all about!

What is a cheat-sheet?

Simply put, a cheat-sheet is a piece of paper bearing written notes. In this case, the written notes are intended to help the drug addict overcome their immediate urge to relapse. It could be meant for you, your dear ones, or a friend you want to help get out of it for once and all.


The very first step towards de-addiction is to think that “YOU CAN”.   This can be done by:

Keeping track of drug use on the cheat-sheet:

  • When and how much drugs are used (maintain a timetable showing the same)
  • Remind yourself of the devastating role drugs play in your life (write names of your dear ones, friends you lost to drugs over the years)
  • List pros and cons of quitting (that quitting will lead to a new life of hope, family bonding, health, and prosperity)
  • List costs and benefits of quitting drugs (daily spending on drugs, costs of jobs lost, savings used to buy drugs and total resources on hand).
  • Write about the people your addiction has kept away from you (make a list of such people, stick their photos to remind you how badly you missed them)
  • Remember writing about the points one of your close friends has suggested last evening to pull yourself out of drug

Also, list these:

People you thought were your real friends, who are now preventing you from quitting drug because they want your money, resources, and companionship

  • List steps you want to take to quit drugs
  • The reasons why you want to quit
  • Past move at de-addiction, and why it did or didn’t work
  • Charter of actions with a specific timeframe to quit drugs
  • Friends, or family members, still in touch with you and would readily come forward to extend a helping hand to help you quit soon

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Why Is Overcoming Addiction the Need Of The Hour?

All of us are wired to make mistakes, learn from them, and improve our lives. Life for people who suffer from addiction can function the same way if they wish to hit the right buttons. Addiction isn’t just something that consumes your physical and mental being.

It also bars you from living the life you deserve and the brimming future that stands ahead of you.However, addiction can also have lasting impacts on your family, children, and other people who may depend on you for their happiness and daily living. Hence, overcoming addiction isn’t an option, it is a necessity.

How Can One Overcome Addiction?

Thanks to Cadabams, you can overcome your addiction in a flickering moment. With their solution-based treatments like psychoeducation, regular webinars to cover the facets of addiction and therapy sessions, they aim at helping you break out of this problem for once and for all. Their multi-speciality team, an assortment of treatment solutions and research-based expertise and experience amplify the same possibilities. They may also provide potential neurofeedback cheat sheets to help get rid of addiction on time.

Why Cadabams?

Addiction is a compulsive mental behaviour that can be life-risking. With Cadabams, you can get your hands on tailored services to ward off addiction problems instantly. The personalized solution helps provide comprehensive treatment to each individual that helps with their holistic development and elimination of addictive habits.

Their multi-speciality team further fosters the possibilities of patients overcoming addiction by featuring an assortment of treatment solutions. Additionally, their approach to ensure speedy recovery and reintegration of patients in the community is a stellar reason to seek addiction treatment.


  1. Is overeating an addiction?

Anything associated with the term “over” or “excess” that is causing harm to you can be deemed addiction.

  1. What are the various kinds of substance use disorders?

Any disorder related to Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, cannabis, opioids, and stimulants is a substance use disorder.

  1. Can Cadabams treat my alcohol addiction?

Cadabams is equipped to treat all kinds of addiction problems with utmost precision. So, you can rely on them without a second thought.

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