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Can Borderline Personality Disorder Be Cured?

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There has been quite an amount of research on the therapies that can effective in the treatment of borderline personality or BPD. BPD characterizes of an individual with impulsivity, unstable relationships and emotionality and feeling of abandonment. There are also other symptoms but these are primary.

The question of BPD being “cured”, that is complete absence of symptoms, may or may not happen as it depends on various internal and external factors. However, reduction and effective management of the symptoms promoting normal and positive functioning are witnessed.

BPD is considered as one of most difficult-to-handle personality disorder. Hence quite a few studies were conducted to develop psychotherapies specifically for BPD. And Dialectical behavioural therapy is one of them. There are other therapies provided by psychologist and psychiatrist also available for the treatment of BPD.

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Along from these professional treatment options there are a few self help techniques you can apply that can help manage BPD symptoms. Note that these self help techniques cannot be used as a treatment for BPD but rather they help, along with therapy, in reducing the symptoms.

Self help techniques:

  • Accepting emotions can be tough but is necessary. A simple way of doing that is to simply observe these emotions without judgments. This does not mean you need to act on these emotions but rather simply observe and be aware of them.
  • Reduce stress by relaxing. In BPD an individual is highly sensitive and emotional, even a small stressful incident can be triggering and overwhelming. Relaxation techniques like mindfulness or engaging in a desired activity can help.
  • To deal with impulsivity it is important that you become aware of them. This is necessary as every impulse may result out of a distress. Giving into these impulsive gives only temporary relief. Once you are aware of these distress you are in a better position to effectively solve the issue.
  • When you feel the distress is too overwhelming, distract yourself. Any activity that you can completely pay attention to. This helps you calm down and later on you would be in a better position to thing practically.
  • Try to control your assumptions. When interacting with others pay attention to your assumptions. Once you identify them, sit back and reflect on them if they are valid or not and the best way is to clarify with the other person.
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As the result of years of research now treatment options for BPD are available. The combined effort of psychologists and psychiatrists are seen to be effective in reducing symptoms of BPD.  For effective treatment options for Borderline personality disorders, call our professionals now on +919611194949.

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