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Alcohol Dependence Syndrome

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What is Alcoholic Dependence Syndrome?

The majority of us might come across people who use alcohol regularly. They might be dependent on alcohol both physically and/ or psychologically. This is  known as ‘alcohol dependence’. It’s otherwise known as ‘alcoholism’. Advancing in alcoholism for quite a long time might significantly disrupt the life of the consumer and also their family. Talking about the severity, it’s a serious medical disease with concerning  symptoms and signs.

Myth: Coming out of alcohol dependency is easy

Fact: Once an individual gets into alcohol dependency is very hard to come out manually. Individual needs professional care.

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Difference between Abuse and Dependence:

Here is throwing some light on the difference between alcohol abuse and dependence.

Alcohol abuse– It is slightly different from alcohol depends syndrome where the individual consumes alcohol too much, too often but not dependent on alcohol. Alcohol abuse is an intense desire to have a large amount of alcohol to the exclusion of other activities in daily life like work, studies, and personal responsibilities. The individual creates a pattern of drinking repeatedly in all the circumstance which is physically risky.

Alcohol dependence– When an individual becomes alcohol dependent automatically they increase in tolerance, suffer withdrawal syndrome, might encounter unsuccessful attempts on halting the drink altogether, tend to lose their control on alcohol which results to drinking more than before irrespective of the consequences. To know more Click here

Signs of Alcohol Dependence:

  • Serious hangover, hard to recover with prolonged time from the after effects of alcohol usage.
  • The dependent feels a decrease in the effect of alcohol because of the increase in tolerance, which consequently leads to consuming more than previous intake.
  • Reduced attention to personal and professional life.

Myth: Drinking at night will make sleep ease.

Fact: You may have a less demanding time on knocking  off following a night of drinking. Despite, it’s hard to stay asleep for long. Studies have illustrated that drinking liquor upsets fast eye movement or REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep.

  • Constantly failing in efforts on reducing alcohol consumption.
  • Whenever one tries to quit alcohol, withdrawal symptoms take place like tremors, alcohol hallucinosis, delirium tremens and withdrawal seizures.
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Alcohol does some serious damage to critical organs of the human body.

Liver, heart, brain, nervous system, stomach (intestines). Also, alcohol produces some other medical side effects too that includes cancer, sexual problems, stomach problems, osteoporosis. To know more Click here.


Alcohol use disorder increases the risk of liver disease, heart disease, stomach ulcers, brain damage, stroke and etc. If you think you or your  loved one may have symptoms of alcohol dependent syndrome, call us now on +919611194949.  We provide the quality care and evidence based treatment options for recovering individuals. Our residential treatment centre ANUNITHA is a highly recommended program for alcohol de-addiction services.  Visit our website for more information

Myth: Rehab doesn’t really work.

Fact:  Residential rehab in a highly powerful and effective treatment. But make sure it is a professional rehab. The duration of rehab lasts for a minimum of 30 days for effective outcome. Amid treatment, an individual can get physical health, dependence support to aid the present and plan for the future.

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