Psychologist for Alcohol Addiction in Hyderabad

Many people are affected by alcohol addiction worldwide. The disease might suddenly appear and swiftly get out of hand. Multiple physical and mental health conditions, including cancer, heart problems, and liver problems, are brought on by the disorder.

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Psychologists conduct multiple psychotherapeutic interventions for individuals battling alcohol addiction. Cadabams offers the best psychologists for alcohol addiction in Hyderabad. Our professionals combine expertise with empathy to ensure the best possible recovery experience.

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  • Loss of interest
  • Social isolation
  • Avoiding other responsibilities of life
  • Issues with work/academics
  • Inability to stop consumption of alcohol
  • Genetics
  • Peer Pressure
  • Family Influence
  • Medication
  • Psychotherapy
  • CBT
  • Support Groups
  • Group Therapy
  • Out-patient
  • In-patient
  • Rehabilitation


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Can Alcohol Dependence be treated?

Alcohol addiction is a serious mental health disorder. However, with the right kind of support and assistance, significant recovery is possible. With the help of advanced psychotherapeutic techniques, medication, family support, and more the disorder can be overcome. The key is to identify the signs early and seek professional assistance at the right juncture. 

Why Cadabam's?

Cadabams has been one of the leading deaddiction centers in the country offering advanced treatment programs for all types and severities of addiction. With expert professionals and cutting-edge infrastructure, our services accelerate symptomatic recovery while ensuring the holistic growth of an individual.

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Psychologist for Alcohol Addiction in Hyderabad

Alcohol addiction has multiple distressing symptoms. The symptoms include physical health issues, mental health issues, issues with employment/academics, and problems with the law. The person may also face financial difficulties due to their proclivity to drink. If left untreated, all of these can cause significant damage to a person, and can even lead to death.

At Cadabams, we not only address the symptoms of addiction, but we also address its root causes. Our psychologists for alcohol addiction leverage the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, family therapy, and much more to ensure comprehensive recovery from the disorder. 

Hyderabad is home to some of the most skilled and empathetic psychologists specializing in alcohol addiction. These professionals are adept at understanding the psychological aspects of addiction and providing the necessary support and guidance to help individuals on their recovery journey. 

They employ a range of therapeutic techniques to help individuals understand their addiction, cope with cravings, and develop healthier habits. 

Cadabams, a leading mental health care provider, is one such institution in Hyderabad that boasts a team of experienced psychologists dedicated to helping individuals overcome alcohol addiction.

How Psychologists in Hyderabad Can Help an Alcohol Addiction Patient?

Psychologists in Hyderabad play a crucial role in helping an alcohol addiction patient. They provide a safe and non-judgmental space for individuals to discuss their struggles with addiction. 

Through various therapeutic techniques, they help individuals understand the root causes of their addiction, develop coping mechanisms, and work towards maintaining sobriety. 

They also provide support in dealing with any co-occurring mental health issues, which are often associated with addiction.

Treatments offered by an Alcohol Addiction Psychologist in Hyderabad

Alcohol addiction psychologists in Hyderabad offer a variety of treatments tailored to the individual's specific needs. 

These may include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which helps individuals identify and change negative thought patterns that lead to addictive behaviors, and Motivational Interviewing, which enhances an individual's motivation to change. 

Family therapy and group therapy are also commonly used, providing a supportive network for individuals during their recovery journey.

Treatment & Rehab Centers in Hyderabad for Alcohol Addiction

There are several reputable treatment and rehab centers in Hyderabad for alcohol addiction. These centers offer comprehensive services, including detoxification, psychological therapy, and aftercare support. 

They provide a structured environment conducive to recovery, allowing individuals to focus solely on their journey toward sobriety. It's important to choose a center that offers a holistic approach to treatment, addressing both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction.

How to Find the Best Alcohol Addiction Psychologist in Hyderabad?

Finding the best alcohol addiction psychologist in Hyderabad involves considering factors such as the psychologist's qualifications, experience, and approach to treatment. It's important to choose a psychologist who is licensed and has specific experience in treating alcohol addiction

You can research online, ask for recommendations, or consult with healthcare providers. Remember, the best psychologist for you is one who understands your unique needs and makes you feel supported and understood.

Why Cadabams?

Cadabams stands out as a renowned center for alcohol addiction treatment in Hyderabad, boasting over three decades of experience in mental healthcare. 

The multi-disciplinary team, including experienced psychologists, offers personalized treatment plans incorporating various therapy forms. 

Their comprehensive, holistic approach to alcohol addiction treatment includes medical, psychological, and social aspects, ensuring an all-round recovery journey.

Facilities & Services within Cadabams.

Our experts offer multiple treatment options that cater to your needs. These include: 

  • Outpatient services: Our expert professionals offer consultations for a wide range of mental health disorders.
  • Rehabilitation: In-patient care that involves a holistic treatment approach while collaborating with fellow residents. 
  • Emergency care: Hospitalization in the case of emergencies involves round-the-clock supervision and care. 


The foundation of any professional-client relationship is trust. This refers to maintaining confidentiality. Our experts are held to the highest standards of confidentiality. That is, they are prohibited from sharing personal information about the client unless and until needed. For instance, if the condition can cause severe and irreversible harm to themselves or those around them.


1. How much does an Alcohol Addiction psychologist consultation cost in Hyderabad?

The cost of a psychologist consultation in Hyderabad typically ranges from INR 500 to INR 4000 per session, depending on the psychologist's experience and specialization.

2. Where can I find an Alcohol Addiction Psychologist in Hyderabad?

You can find psychologists in Hyderabad through online healthcare platforms, local directories, or mental health institutions like Cadabams, which is known for its team of experienced psychologists.

3. How to Choose an Alcohol Addiction Psychologist in Hyderabad?

When choosing a psychologist in Hyderabad, consider their qualifications, experience, and therapeutic approach, and ensure you feel comfortable and understood during your interactions with them.

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