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Treatment for Obsessive compulsive disorder | OCD Treatment

Treatment for Obsessive compulsive disorder | OCD Treatment

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) affects an individual’s thoughts and behavior. Here the individual has intrusive repetitive distressing thoughts and compulsions or ritualistic mental acts or behavior that temporarily reduces the distress. Living with OCD can be devastating as the individual is aware that something is wrong with them but are unable to control their thoughts. But there is hope. Various OCD Treatment options are available that can help individuals with OCD cope with their thoughts and have a better control over their behavior.

OCD Treatment in Bangalore

OCD Treatment

Here are a few OCD Treatment options available for you:

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT): This therapy focuses on the individual’s thoughts and behavior. Here the assumption is that our thoughts directly influence our behavior, hence the focus of CBT is to identify the unhelpful thoughts, break it down and try to bring a change in them. Altering thoughts with the expectation that behavior would also change.


  • Exposure and Response prevention (ERP): ERP is a type of CBT. Here the individual is, first, asked to identify their fears and arrange it in a hierarchy. Then they are gradually exposed to these fears starting from the least intense one. While the exposure, with the guidance of the therapist, the individual learns not to respond to it like they usually do. The assumption here is that, obsessions affect an individual until the compulsion is carried out. Hence here the individual is not allowed to carry out the compulsion with the expectation that the obsession would, with repetitive exposure, become habitual.


  • Medications: Medications are also prescribed to individuals with OCD; it helps reduce the physical symptoms of anxiety. Also, individuals with OCD are often seen to suffer from depression too. In these case, antidepressants are also prescribed.


  • Psychosurgery: These are surgeries done in the brain region. Psychosurgery is only recommended when none of the therapies or medications shows any improvement. Although seen in very rare cases, psychosurgeries are seen to effectively help alleviate OCD.


  • Electroconvulsive therapy: Known as ECT. This therapy involves passing an electric current through the brain; this brings about a change in the brain chemicals which in turn brings change in behavior. ECT is also recommended when therapies do not work and is done only under professional supervision.


  • Residential treatment: There are residential facilities available for individuals who are not able to control their behavior on their own. In these extreme cases, an individual’s behavior can become life-threatening. Residential treatment provide therapies under the supervision of a professional team of both psychiatrists and psychologists.

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