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Sexual Obsessions – What Is Sex OCD?

Sexual Obsessions – What Is Sex OCD?

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Obsessions about sexual content

Obsessions about sexual content

Obsessions about sexual content or intrusive sexual thoughts are recurrent and repugnant thoughts that are sexual in nature. They are involuntary and cause extreme distress when they rise in the individual’s mind. They often experience extreme shame, guilt, hopelessness, and depression causing them to label themselves deviant and repulsive. The very significance of such ideas being formed in their head is horrifying for them.

What are sexual obsessions?

Sexual obsessions are sexual thoughts which is a subcategory of intrusive thought and a type of obsessive compulsive disorder. They involve unwanted thoughts, impulses or images that are sexual in nature. Some individuals with sexual obsessions are flooded by unwanted sexual urges and images in their head. The nature of this experience could range from having intrusive images of sexual organs, envisioning themselves partaking in unwanted sexual acts, or have constant doubts about their sexual identity. They are afraid what if?

  • They are attracted to that individual.
  • They lose control and act out sexually.
  • They would expose their genitals to that individual.
  • They want to secretly have sex with that individual

Some sexual obsessions include:

  • Being afraid of being sexually attracted to children.
  • Being afraid of being sexually attracted to their family members.
  • Being afraid of being attracted to individuals of their same sex
  • For individuals who are gay, being afraid of being attracted to individuals of the opposite sex.
  • Having intrusive sexual thoughts about religious figures, saints or God
  • Being afraid of being sexually attracted to animals.
  • Being afraid of being sexually attracted to dead things.
  • Being afraid of becoming aggressive or violent during sex.

Many of these individuals would go through great extent to avoid and prevent these thoughts taking action they would least likely act upon these thoughts. Due to the nature of their thoughts they would show reluctance to seek professional help. They suffer great anguish and tend to avoid individuals or places associated with their nature of intrusive sexual thoughts.

Treatment options are available for sexual obsessions they include exposure and response prevention (ERP), cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), biofeedback and neurofeedback. The key here is to confront these fears and triggers and avoiding ritualistic behaviours. With proper treatments these obsessions can be purged. Reach out for help on +919611194949.

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