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Schizophrenia Rehabilitation: Recovery & Reintegration to Society

Schizophrenia Rehabilitation: Recovery & Reintegration to Society

Overcoming schizophrenia can be very challenging for the individual suffering and their family and caregivers. Schizophrenia rehabilitation programs help in ensuring complete supervision, 24/7 professional care and steady recovery. At Cadabams, we address all aspects of the illness. Our trained professionals are with you and your loved one throughout the recovery journey from diagnosis to post-care. With our supported employment, vocational training and rehabilitation programs, we offer personalised treatment plans to cater to all your needs. At Cadabams, we care for you. 

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Why Is Schizophrenia Rehab Needed?

People with schizophrenia experience profoundly disabling cognitive defects. Whether positive or negative symptoms, these cognitive deficits can impair daily functioning and life activities. It also contributes to many chronic disabilities and unemployment. Hence, the role of Schizophrenia Rehabilitation centers is crucial because they help schizophrenia patients adjust to normal life and cope with their symptoms. 

It is a myth that there’s no treatment for a mental illness like schizophrenia. Though it cannot be completely cured, its symptoms are manageable with medications, self-help, and counseling therapies. Another prominent and most effective way to treat the condition is schizophrenia rehabilitation integration.

There are various schizophrenia rehabilitation centers that provide residential facilities to treat the condition. Through the right treatment, people with schizophrenia can keep their symptoms at bay and can live a meaningful and functional life in society.  

Importance of the Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Program

Schizophrenia can be a life-long condition with episodes recurring over time. In case of a severe and frequent episode, it is advised to go to schizophrenia rehabilitation centers rather than attempting an outpatient treatment. Schizophrenia rehabilitation centers like Cadabams Hospitals are more equipped with specialized staff and doctors to intervene in case of a psychiatric emergency.  

Schizophrenia rehabilitation programs offer a better-protected environment to prevent them from harming themselves and others. Moreover, the patients will receive medical care and will be monitored round the clock by trained professionals who help stabilize their false notions, delusions, etc. and concentrate on the recovery process. 

This also allows their families to compose themselves and participate in long-term treatment plans. Cadabams offers the best schizophrenia treatment in India with its multispecialty team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social and healthcare workers, doctors, etc. at its rehabilitation center for schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Programs

  • Sophisticated Medical Care facility:

Self-care is a challenge for the people who have overcome the acute symptoms of schizophrenia and come out of emergency care. It takes a little while for them to get adjusted to society and be independent. In well-equipped rehab centers, medical care is available round the clock for any emergency. Patient’s medicines are taken care of and given on time, nutritious food is provided based on the patient’s needs. Nurses and support staff are present 24/7 to take care of the patients.

  • Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET):

Cognitive Enhancement Therapy includes small group therapy sessions to emphasize social cognition. This improves the neurocognition and social cognition of a person dealing with schizophrenia. It helps them organise their thoughts and increases awareness about their symptoms.

  • Social Skills training :

People dealing with schizophrenia find it difficult to perform daily activities like daily hygiene, cooking, cleaning, conversations, and transportation issues. They may have to learn most of these things all over again to lead an independent life and for confident functioning. Time management is the most important aspect of the Schizophrenia Rehabilitation program.

  • Vocational rehabilitation training for people suffering from schizophrenia:

Schizophrenia Rehabilitation is not complete without providing job finding and job training assistance. Many rehabilitation centers have a vocational component that is built into their training programs. Volunteer work is available, quite often. Volunteer work does not usually have a financial reward, but it may provide the person suffering from schizophrenia with a sense of purpose and meaning. These programs help to promote good work habits, and make them independent.

  • Family Interventions:

Schizophrenics need to learn about their illness and how to deal with it. Education parameters include the illness itself, treatments for schizophrenia, counseling therapies like family, group therapy, medications (what is available in terms of community programs) that can assist in their recovery. Family members are also in need of education about schizophrenia. Family education has become a primary nursing intervention when providing rehabilitative services to relatives of people with serious mental illness.

Schizophrenia Rehabilitation Centers in Bangalore

Cadabams is a leading Mental Health Rehab which provides the best schizophrenia treatment in India, along with treatments for other serious mental illnesses. We also have a residential rehabilitation provision that is well equipped to provide the best treatment facilities for schizophrenia. Ask for a guided tour of our schizophrenia treatment center to understand why Cadabams is reputed to be the best mental health rehab center in India.

If your loved one is battling with schizophrenia, then it is time for you to be proactive with their well-being. Call Cadabam’s at @+91 96111 94949 in Bangalore to book an appointment right away or visit Cadabam’s and get the right Schizophrenia Rehabilitation for your close one.


Read about the first-hand experience of our in-house patient and a recovering individual, Mr. Devendranath.

I began my career as a Junior Research Fellow at JNU. Later on, I switched to a commercial career in sales and worked in the marketing department of Dunlop India. After my stint at Dunlop, I worked with Reckitt and Coleman as a Regional Sales Manager, and have also worked with Eicher Motors, Eicher Tractors & Tata Steel and also ran my own business in retail investments until I came to Cadabams. As it happens, I developed paranoid schizophrenia at the age of 35 and had to take a medical separation from my employers at the age of 42.

God has been kind to me through my recovery and achievements towards rehabilitation. I was not put in time out or given SOS injections, despite being ill with active symptoms for the first six months in rehab. In the first 3 years, I received the Best Residents Award twice, in 2011 and then coveted the Bright Star Award in 2012. This report from my psychiatrist sums up my recovery the best.

“…. had shown tremendous progress all through the treatment process. He was very cooperative with his psychiatrist and counselors and had taken initiative from his part for a fast recovery all through his treatment span. He worked for the BPO for more than 2 years which is an occupational therapy unit of Cadabam’s. Now he is guiding the BPO team and getting projects from outside and leading the team consisting of several residents to get it done on time. Because of his determination, timeliness, quality of work, creative ideas, confidence, and coordination skills, the BPO team was able to process more projects at a time. 

He also got the Bright Star Award (2012) for the initiative and hard work he had taken from his part for his progress. Now he takes more initiative and is trying to work in a good establishment through which he can come back to a normal lifestyle. He also wants his life to be a good inspiration for people with a similar problem.”

From Rehabilitation to Reintegration – this shift took place from April 2013 where I visited MindTalk to assist the co-ordinator, especially on Saturdays. Some of the tasks I have been able to accomplish are banking, stationery purchase, handling courier service, leading the BPO team, functioning as an authorized signatory, and much more. This might be part and parcel and daily living pattern for people in the world outside a rehabilitation center, however, these are achievements for one who is going through the process of reintegration.

I now live in a supported living environment since 2012 August in a fully functional condition. Aakanksha is a facility away from the main campus which helps family members feel confident that the recovering individual can live by himself in home-like conditions subject to being discharged.

From Reintegration to Recovery – Had I not gone out of my mental block that schizophrenia is the end of the world and worry about battling the social stigma that would come after stepping out of the protected walls at Cadabams, I might not have reached where I am today.

What is the way out then? The disease is only treatable and not curable. Relapses could be around the corner. Self-medication is always a potential threat area. I have learned in these last 24 years that there is a way out despite these problems. It lies in correct, timely, and supervised medication. 

As long as you have a good team of Doctors—In Psychiatrists, Physicians, Diabetologists, Cardiologists ….etc. – the prime disease of schizophrenia, and resultant complications due to the type of medication can be successfully kept in check. Medication is the key to success. Living with schizophrenia —with complications of diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, thyroid— can all become a non-threatening issue. I speak with confidence because I have all these complications and they do give problems, but timely intervention with the doctor and suitable medication can suppress the symptoms. Welcome to the world of “managed” schizophrenia.

We are here for you too!

If your loved one is battling with schizophrenia, then it is the time for you to take a step forward for their well-being. Call Cadabam’s at @+91 96111 94949 in Bangalore to book an appointment right away or visit Cadabam’s and get the right Schizophrenia Rehabilitation for your close one.