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Marijuana Addiction- Can you get Addicted to Pot?

Marijuana Addiction- Can you get Addicted to Pot?

Marijuana/ pot has been around for a very long time, from the ancient world through our modern period the cannabis plant has played a major role in legal and illegal drug-taking behaviors in people. Is marijuana addiction real or Can you get addicted to pot though? With all this data from thousands of years of drug-taking and our scientific knowledge and studies, it should be well known and published, right?

Marijuana Addiction

Well it might seem this simple but marijuana use is a highly charged issue politically and so the truth has been twisted, twisted again, rewritten, translated and then what you end up with comes out rather skewed depending on the bias of the person you are talking to so let me be straight up and give you my bias.

Marijuana Addiction

Pot addiction is real. In fact, many of them, starting from the early teens and youngsters, try marijuana casually while ending up developing an addiction that derails their lives and leaving them in a downward spiral. Addiction to marijuana can destroy people’s lives and they are better off without it!

Most people think that it’s impossible to have a marijuana addiction, but in reality- not just the drug rehabs in India, but also they are many places which are filled with people who can’t stop using it.

Users who are dependent on pot might not show any signs of pot addiction behavior or withdrawal, yet they will be resistant to stop smoking it. This has lots to do with the fact that marijuana is fondly thought of as a faithful old friend that is familiar, comforting, supportive during tough times, relieves pain, and helps users to fall asleep.

Pot/ Marijuana Addiction Symptoms to Check

Marijuana Addiction

Here are some common signs of pot addiction or dependency: Take a look at the signs of Marijuana Addiction which can tell if you or a loved one is addicted to Pot.

–    Withdrawals if pot smoking is stopped. What are withdrawal symptoms

Marijuana can affect your brain chemistry and create a sense of relaxation or euphoria when used. Withdrawals symptoms occur when you stop the use of marijuana. You may feel angry, depressed, or tired as your body tends to adjust. The duration and severity of these withdrawal symptoms will depend on the number of factors including the duration of time you’ve been using it and the amount of drug you have been taking.

–    The need to consume increased amounts of marijuana to achieve the same effect

–    Trouble controlling your emotions

–    Irritability

–    Mood swings

Marijuana Addiction

–    Difficulty reducing the amount of weed smoked or difficulty quitting weed altogether

–    Red bloodshot eyes

–    Spending more money or time on smoking pot than you want

–    Strong urges over which you have little or no control

–    Planning your days, weekends, and social activities around your next high

Of these, what are the most common signs of physical dependency on marijuana? Increased tolerance and withdrawal are the top two.

Not all pot smokers become physically or psychologically dependent on marijuana. How reliant you become on it is closely linked to how much pot you smoke and how long you have been smoking it for.

Marijuana Addiction

There are some people who seem to be unable to function without a bong hit, the reason is that they can become psychologically addicted to pot. This means that they crave the drug because they want it not need it like it was water or food as it feels for some other substances. Instead, marijuana addiction comes from a sense that smoking pot gives them relief from reality and an escape from things that are too hard to deal with. Remember marijuana addiction can become a psychologically addictive habit that can be extremely hard to break.

Pot Addiction Help

The conclusion is this – Getting the Right Help is Important…

Marijuana Addiction

Sometimes the habit of smoking pot becomes ingrained and it simply becomes a comfort thing despite the harm it can do to you or your loved one physically (inhaling this stuff does hurt your lungs) but primarily the hurt it does to you socially and mentally with memory being affected highly by excessive smoking.   

Don’t let Marijuana or pot Addiction steal the soul and mind out of you. There is hope! You can change your life from addiction by properly treating it. Choose recovery today. For any queries about the best treatment for marijuana addiction or any other substance abuse issues, reach us. Call us today at 9611194949 or visit Cadabam’s Anunitha. Life is much more than Addiction.