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Heroin Addiction Treatment, Bangalore, India

Heroin Addiction Treatment, Bangalore, India

The substance that is so-called ‘heroin’ is derived from the poppy plant before the substance gets distilled into morphine. Some of the common names of heroin are smack, dope, white stuff, junk and skag. Heroin is one of the most commonly abused illegal drug which is highly obsessive or addictive in nature.

Heroin addiction began in the early 1900s as the substance was produced and sold legally for the treatment of opiate addiction and other assortments of ailments. It was believed that heroin was no addictive or so the doctors were told it was not. Later they stopped producing it once they began to see many people being admitted to hospitals. 

Here are a few statistics that reveal how much it is being abused around the world-

  • A world report estimates that 13.5 million number of people take opioids out of this 13.5 million people, about 9.2 million are known to the use of heroin.
  • Another National Survey on drug use and health has reported that the current number of users of heroin in India accounts for 153, 000.
  • In India, 18% of the admissions into the rehabilitation centers are mainly of the people addicted to drugs, mainly heroin addiction.

How do people get addicted:

Once heroin is consumed by the individual, it reaches through the central nervous system and rapidly provides the sense of relaxation and euphoria. Also, it releases a large number of ‘Dopamine’ (The chemical responsible for the feeling of pleasure, reward and motivated). After the practice, the person may feel the excess energy, high confidence and increased excitement. Persistent usage of heroin may lead to intense craving and later turn into dependency and addiction.


What does Heroin Addiction feel like?

 This substance can be snorted, smoked, or even injected into the muscle, under the skin, or directly into the veins.

It may be a good friend to you at first, to help you to escape from the so-called problems of the things bothering you. But, remember you end up imprisoned! Heroin will leave you in such a state, that it will be the first thing that will trigger your mind the moment you wake up in the morning.

 A heroin addict spends his whole day in finding the drugs; he tends to get high all afternoon. His life tends to worsen day by day and it would be like he is only living for the sake of drugs. He beats up himself against the walls like in a prison, when he doesn’t get it anywhere. Finally, his prison becomes his grave.


Effects Of Heroin Addiction:

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV): Heroin has some significant negative impact on behaviour change and brain function.

Tolerance –

The individual tends to build an increased tolerance on heroin by practising it regularly. Consequently, the person acquires resilience and confronts the dosage of heroin which gave pleasure earlier. And the circuit goes in a repeat mode.

Withdrawal –

The person may suffer withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, depression, sleep issues and feeling irritated when he/she tries to halt heroine practice.

Loss of control –

Often the person is preoccupied with the desire to consume the drug which may lead them to lose the control over the life. Ultimately, the individual might snap out to achieve the roles and responsibilities.

Obsessive thoughts –

The individual may perpetually be engaged with the thoughts of heroin constantly. In some circumstances, the person may consume full day of thinking about it or trying to abuse it.

Behavioural change –

A radical transformation of behaviour may take place in terms of social, professional and personal. This may have an increased chance of impacting the appetite and the daily activities of the individual.

Treatment options available for heroin addiction:


Detox is the first treatment process in any rehab center across the world. The harmful toxic substances are cleared from the body of the individual. Further, the medical interventions may reduce the symptoms of withdrawal caused by addiction.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) –

One of the most effective treatment processes for heroin addiction is CBT. It is a basic taking psychotherapy where the thoughts and behaviour of the person being targeted. Gradually, as the treatment gets progress the individual might able to handle and deal with the overwhelming conditions.

Group therapy –

In this therapy, the individuals are made to sit together with a professional and discuss the experiences with each other. The person acquires great knowledge and supports from the fellow residents. Also, it makes them understand that they are not the only one struggling with addiction issues.   

MET (Motivational Enhancement Therapy) –

MET therapy holds the higher chances of reducing the risk of relapse and co-occurring diseases like depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Normally, it is coupled with the therapies like CBT and 12 step treatment methods to get the best out the treatment. It aims to increase the internal motivation of the person.

Individual counseling –

It is a basic talk therapy conducted by the counselor, during the stages of pre-treatment and post-treatment of the recovery. The medical professional makes the individual amplify his positivity within and provides the skills to handle the triggers and boost the self-recovery.

Relapse Prevention Therapy-

This is a type of cognitive-behavioural therapy where the individual may able to anticipate and handle the high-risk situations which might make them consume heroin. Relapse refers to the re-occurrence of the addictive behaviour.
Heroin kicks might leave the body really quick, which is the reason it’s been taken at a binge pattern. Binge action makes the person take the dose back to back. Eventually, the individual might end-up with dependence and latter with addiction. Before heroin takes a toll on your body, start the treatment process.

Where to Get help for Heroin addiction treatment?

Fortunately, it is possible to deal with heroin addiction if one agrees that he or she has a problem and is willing to take help for the same. Delaying the matter will worsen health and diminish chances of full recovery.

Addiction to heroin can develop rapidly. Getting the person to treatment today will definitely be his or her best chance for a speedy and complete recovery.

If you know someone who is looking for evidence-based drug addiction treatment for Heroin, contact Cadabam’s Anunitha Helpline. The experts are available to help you with the information on relevant therapeutic programs for addiction recovery and connect you to the best treatment.

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