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Role of Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Role of Family Therapy in Addiction Treatment

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Families play an integral part in an individual’s life. They shape and influence the person we become today. Our weaknesses, strengths, personality traits are a combination of genes and environmental factors. A family has a profound effect on all aspects of growth and development. Hence family therapy is crucial in treatment and recovery of addiction.

When it comes to recovery addictions of both substance abusers and alcohol; family therapy is seen to be vital in the recovery process of the individual with the addiction. Family therapy involves the people you live with and interact mostly on a daily basis, it could include your blood relatives, friends, spouses, blended family, etc.

Why is it important to include family therapy in addiction treatment?

When one member of the family is suffering from addiction, the entire family also suffers in some way. Family dynamics change when addiction becomes part of the picture.

We know what important role families play in the development stages of an individual, here are some statistics that show that; about 79% of teenagers who run away from homes that consume alcohol on a large scale, 24% of these children are more likely to undergo inpatient substance abuse treatment.

Some children who had to be hospitalized with mental health disorders had parents addicted to the substance. The children of alcoholic parents are 24 percent more likely to require inpatient substance abuse treatment. 41% of parents who have substance abuse problem reported that their children had behavioral and academic problems.

How does family therapy work with addiction?

Family therapy focuses on the group dynamics that help with addictive behavior, lowering resistance to change, trying to be communicative and aiding family members have an open and healthy conversation with each other.

The goals of the therapy would also include making sure that the children of the family are not neglected when and if a member is undergoing treatment in addiction. These therapeutic sessions are conducted by psychiatrists, psychologists or licensed clinical social workers.

Benefits from Family therapy for Addiction

The primary goals for family therapy involve family members:

  • Helping addicted individuals with emotional well-being.
  • Being support systems to addicted individuals.
  • Improve their communication for emotional involvement.
  • How to learn self-care.
  • Set their boundaries for a healthy recovery.
  • Give them a good understanding of the nature of their addiction and the way it is affecting their behavior.

The therapy is tailored to the individual and the interaction that exists with the family, as it is unique to each family.  The goal is to decrease the possibility of relapse by strengthening family ties. Mostly family therapy is used in conclusive with dual diagnosis treatment.

Help your loved one with Family Therapy Program Today!
Dealing with addiction problems is more distressing, and moreover, people often make crucial decisions when they are stressed and the feeling that needs to be done in a rush. While this is true, you promise yourself and your loved ones to explore your options and find a right treatment for them.

If you or your family member is dealing with substance abuse addictions and is in need of a family therapy program, then all you need to do is to choose the right treatment facility. Help them get diagnosed with help of a treatment specialist or a counselor who could address their concerns and provide the right treatment options.

To know more about the best recovery programs which offer family therapies, visit Cadabams at www.cadabams.org/anunitha or call us @+91 96111 94949 to talk to one of our counselors concerning addiction issues.


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