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Why Family Therapy Is Important For A Recovering Alcoholic

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For a recovering alcoholic, one of the main factors that influence his recovery is the support system available to you by your family and friends.

In this aspect, it is very important for the family of the alcoholic to be well-aware and educated about alcoholism and its effects, as well as the different methods of treatment and how to properly encourage recovery in a victim.

How Family Influences The Behaviour Of An Alcoholic

Alcohol dependency and abuse can cause rifts in your relations with members of your family.

They may have warned you not to consume as much alcohol, and when you continue to do so, it may anger them and they may feel like you do not value their advice.

Further, to some families, it may be considered shameful or degrading, or they may fear that said alcoholic is a ‘let-down’ to the family.

Mostly, family members fear to being up the topic and discuss this addiction with the alcoholic because they think it will anger them or worsen the drinking problem.

These misconceptions often cause the family to ignore the drinking problem altogether and therefore encourage the patient to grow even more addicted to alcohol. The family members become distant and resentful, which may also further the addiction.

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What Is Family Therapy And How Does It Help In Recovery?

Family therapy not only includes visitation hours for the family throughout the week, but also educational classes to help them understand the behaviour of the alcoholic and to teach them how to communicate their concerns to the recovering addict.

This therapy can help in mending the relationships that have been broken due to the alcoholic’s drinking problem. It can also help the addict recover faster, as a strong support system is very essential for recovery from any kind of substance or alcohol abuse or addiction.


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If someone you know or care about is an alcoholic, urge them to seek help and get better.


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