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how to get over tobacco addiction

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“Smoking tobacco helps you lose weight – one lung at a time!”

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are around 1.1 billion tobacco users worldwide and 6 million tobacco-related deaths annually. Can’t believe? Read on to know more. Here are 5 common questions our clients have about Tobacco Addiction.

How does tobacco become addictive?

When you use tobacco products the presence of nicotine is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream.  The nicotine reaches your brain and releases adrenaline, creating an effect of pleasure and energy Within ten seconds of entering your body. The effect fades quickly through and leaves you feeling tired, a little down and wanting the effect again. The feeling is what makes you light up or chew the next cigarette or other tobacco products. Since our body designed to withstand high to nicotine, you will need to smoke more.

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Do you know what tobacco contains?

Tobacco primarily contains nicotine besides about 300 other chemical com­pounds all known to be harmful to the user. Some of the compounds which induce cancer like carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, tar, many irritant substances at least 16 of them known to be dangerous. This leads to lung cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, heart diseases, gastric irritation.

The reason why it is hard to quit smoking tobacco?

Most smokers say they do not plan to be smoking in 1, 2 or even 3 years. But, in fact, more than 70% of smokers continue to do so. When smoker halt or reduce their tobacco use, a host of distressing symptoms quickly set in. People are tempted to start smoking again to relieve the distress.

Do you know tobacco has withdrawal symptoms?

With respect to the level of addiction, the symptoms timeline might differ (mostly 30 min after the last use). The severity of the symptom depends on the amount of usage on the daily basis. the symptom of withdrawal includes the intense carving of tobacco, continuous coughing and sore throat, anxiety, difficulty in concentrating, tingling in the hands and feet

What is the situation of tobacco addiction in India?

There is an array of smokeless and smoking tobacco products available in India that people can smoke, chew and snuff like cigarettes, bidis, hookah (Indian water pipe), cheroot, cigar, khaini, zarda, gutkha, paan (with tobacco) and mawa.

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Healthcare experts estimate around 5 million people are addicted to tobacco. Most users started when they were under age of 18. Those who have friends/parents who use tobacco are more likely to starts than those who don’t. These data displays how tobacco has, unfortunately, become the biggest global health threat.

You may know friends and family members who would be using tobacco very casually. However, the harmful effects are not clearly known by people. Our de-addiction specialists at Cadabam’s Anunitha are here to help your loved one recover from tobacco addiction. Cadabams Anunitha uses a holistic approach to help the person recover from addiction and also help the client abstain from using the substance. Taking time is losing a day, reach out to us now at +919611194949.

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