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Shopping Addiction

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People can get into various kinds of impulsive and addictive behaviour and shopaholics is one of the most sophisticated sounding behaviour among them. A shopaholic may want to buy thing according to their mood and would spend more than what is required.

However there are still arguments between what is shopaholic and truly enjoying shopping. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to see if you are a addicted to shopping or on the path of being one:

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  • Wanted item or money: If you think you want something and someone offers you the item itself but on the other hand also offers you cash, what would you pick? A shopaholic would most likely pick cash as they need to go through the whole process of purchasing something, and this is what they actually want.
  • Do you have patience: When you want something that is expensive or over your budget, you would want to wait for a while, think it over and then decide whether to buy or not. A shopaholic would want to immediately buy it regardless of it being out of the budget.
  • Is the item for long term use: Shopaholics buy items out of impulse and because it is rewarding. There are always chances that they would never use the product they purchased.
  • Encouraged to purchase due to social media: Shopaholics spend a lot of time thinking about the whole shopping behaviour they may spend hours browsing through social media and looking up things. They are easily influenced by ads on line and tend to purchase them.
  • Is it an emotional purchase: Do you go shopping mostly due to your mood? Shopaholics tend to go on a shopping spree when happy, sad or anxious. More than necessity mood controls the shopping behaviour.
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If you identify yourself with being a shopaholic it is better you seek help as soon as possible. Being a shopaholic may not sound dangerous but it ruins an individual’s financial condition. Constantly thinking about it may ruin both professional and personal life as the person would pay a lot of attention to the act and neglect other responsibilities in their life. Professional mental help are available in the form of counselling sessions and psychotherapy to help an individual overcome and control their shopaholic behaviour. For addiction recovery call us now on +919611194949.

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